Yoga For Runners: YouTube Videos To Watch

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Here are the top YouTube videos if you are someone that’s looking for yoga for runners. Enjoy and share this post with a runner friend!

If you have tight thighs and hamstrings after running (*slowly raises hand*) and just want to not have tight legs in general after your run then maybe some yoga might be in order.

Yoga is perfect for lengthening the muscles and releasing tension that’s held in them.

Practicing yoga either before or after a run can help your muscles. And, thankfully, there are quite a few yoga teachers on YouTube that have created videos specifically for runners.

Below you’ll find videos that are specific either to before a run or after a run, but, honestly, they can be done any time of the week. You don’t even have to be a runner to practice these sequences.

Benefits of Yoga

There are so many benefits of yoga that go far beyond just practicing yoga for runners or pregnancy or [insert] other types of issues/things. Yoga can help you destress in a world that only seems to want to make you more stressed.

It helps you slow down in a world that wants you to go and do faster and faster. It brings you back to this moment rather than living in the future and planning for what “might” happen.

  1. Improves flexibility
  2. Builds muscle strength
  3. Protects your spine
  4. Increases blood flow
  5. Drains your lymph nodes and boosts immunity
  6. Drops your blood pressure

Aside from this small, small list, there are so many more benefits of yoga that you can find by googling. (*)

So, rather than practice just for a specific thing (like running), pause and take deep breaths that help to ground you and allow you to focus on the right now.

Yoga for Runners on YouTube

Yes, yoga is amazing for runners, and it can help you when you’re feeling stiff or even tight, but practice with the intention of being mindful and present.

The videos below are awesome resources that allow you to practice without ever leaving your house. Which, can be an amazing thing when you don’t have the option of going out. Just plop on YouTube and one of these videos, roll out your mat, and enjoy one of these “yoga for runners” classes!

You can check out the playlist here: Yoga for Runners

Or, you can look through the videos below and find ones that speak to you and what. you’re looking for!

You’ll find over 10 different videos geared towards runners that you can swap out every time and create a rotation of yoga sequences to try.

1. Yoga For Runners – Physical & Mental Stamina

2. Yoga For Runners: 7 MIN POST-RUN

3. Yoga For Runners: 7 MIN PRE-RUN

4. Runner’s Yoga – Yoga With Adriene

5. 30 min Yoga For Runners with Ida May | Adidas women workouts

6. Yoga Practice for Runners, 20min Sequence

7. YOGA FOR RUNNERS | 30-Minute Stretch Sequence | CAT MEFFAN


9. Yoga For Runners 2 – Cool Down Sequence

10. 7-minute yoga for runners/post-run stretch

11. 10-Minute Guided Stretching Routine for Runners

12. Yoga for Runners – A Quick Routine for Stiff Hips

13. Post-Run Yoga for Runners!

Yoga is helpful to more than just runners though. You can use yoga to help you go to sleep at night, you can practice yoga to help you reduce stress and so much more.

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