9 Ways to Ditch Processed Foods Forever

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“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”
― Lao Tzu

We’ve all heard it, “processed foods are bad for you. They’re the devil and will kill you slowly.” But, that doesn’t always stop us, does it?

We get busy and while we’re making a quick shopping trip we cave and say, “Just this once,” only just this once happens more and more often.

Well, I’m really trying to cut processed foods from my diet. My hormones are out of whack and I’m coming off the Depo shot.

The Beginning of the Journey

Long story short, after my second child my cycle was anywhere from 28 days long to 36 days long. -_- This caused me so much stress and worry that it was unreal.

I never knew if I was late (and pregnant again) or if it was just being longer than usual. It was a mind f**k, to say the least. So, the Depo shot was my “make it stop” cure.

I had previously taken the Depo and swore it off and was trying to regulate my cycle naturally. But, my cycle wasn’t regulating.

And I got to a point where I had had enough and so I went to the doctors. They prescribed me the shot and I had my husband give it to me.

For 3 months now I’ve had no cycle. It was nice… until it wasn’t anymore.

Note: That doesn’t happen for everyone. Some people might spot for a while, BUT my OBGYN said the way to counteract that is to take the shot right when you start your cycle. He said it was his experience that women didn’t have a month of spotting that way. So, just a heads up if you plan to use the Depo shot. 

It’s been nice, but it felt wrong. There’s a reason we have a cycle, and I didn’t want to tamper with that anymore. I knew it wouldn’t fix any hormonal issues I had.

So, now I’m working with an Ayurvedic Health Educator, Danielle Bertoia, to help me ease off the shot so that my body doesn’t go bonkers.

One of the things I’m doing is cutting as much processed foods as possible.

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9 Ways to Ditch Processed Foods Forever

The most processed foods we eat are probably noodles and canned goods. But, hopefully, this year I’ll be canning the mess out of some tomatoes, green beans, sauerkraut, and pickles.

Sadly, our Farmer’s Market is pretty expensive, so we’re growing the small amounts that we are able living in an RV.

We still go to the Farmer’s Market here. The kids enjoy going and usually, they have a band that plays.

Lately, I’ve been walking around our Farmer’s Market thinking about the difference between pricing at the grocery store and I’ve almost decided not to go back for certain things.

I’ll probably only buy things like Honey, blueberries and pickled garlic. Even though I’m attempting a mainly keto diet, the kids won’t be so they can have honey.

Steps I’m Taking to Cut the Crap

#1 Take It Slow

I’m not one of these people that can do many things cold turkey. So, rather than trying to go that route and then caving and eating all the things I’m going to do it slowly.

I don’t want to waste any food that’s in my house, so rather than tossing it out or giving it away, I’m just going to slowly transition out of things.

This means anything I buy going forward will be as close to not processed as possible. There will be things I give myself leeway on though.

For instance, if it has limited ingredients and I can pronounce them I might allow myself to buy it. One item example would be something like butter.

I buy Kerrygold butter and it has cultured pasteurized cream. I know what that is, so that’s fine for me.

#2 Make What I Can

Mostly, this means I’m going to not buy boxed meals or boxed snacks and will be making the things I’m able. One thing that might irk my nerves is making breakfast bars for the kids.

I’m not sure if I’m skilled enough for that, but I’m sure going to try.

I’m also going to try my hand at making some keto friendly noodles for things like Pho and Chicken Noodle Soup. We’ll see how that goes haha.

I’ve seen recipes for Egg Noodles, and those look promising!

#3 Prep Ahead

Prepping food ahead is going to be a little tricky since we live in an RV, but I’m going to try to make it work. I’m hoping we can buy a full-size fridge to stick outside.

Then I can prep our meals and stick them in the bigger fridge to just grab and make as we need.

One thing I might do is prep the meals and put the ingredients in Ziploc baggies so I can attempt to lay them flat in our RV fridge.

Check out my post How to Make a Keto Meal Plan.

#4 Keep Snacks On Hand

Since I’m slowly swapping to a Keto lifestyle I have to be a bit more careful with our snacks.

I wrote a post about the top snacks we’ll keep on hand though. You can read that here: Best Keto Snacks to Have On Hand

There are like 5 snacks listed in there. I encourage you to check it out and see if they’re something you might enjoy too!

#5 Find Replacements

Bread, or anything wheat actually, is off the table when it comes to Keto! So, finding alternatives is my #1 priority right now. My husband loves bread and he’s really picky.

I think that’s going to make finding an alternative a bit hard.

I did find a few “mug bread” recipes I’m going to try. And a few bagel recipes too. That was exciting. I hope I can create my own little rendition soon.

#6 Cut Pre-Made Drinks

Drinking water, coffee, and tea pretty much are what I’ve concluded here. No more Caprisun’s for the kids. Though, they use the water flavor squeeze stuff in their water.

I’m not sure about cutting that yet.

You want to cut pre-made drinks because you don’t have control over the additives or any of the ingredients.

Most things can be made at home, so hit up Pinterest and find your favorite drink to see if you can find a replacement!

What drink will be hard for you to cut if you cut out pre-made drinks?

#7 No Fast Food

Maybe an obvious one, but sometimes the temptation is there. This is why having awesome snacks available is really important! Fast food is gross and equally gross for our bodies.

We only have one body, so we need to treat it right or it will start failing us.

And, for those of us that already have issues, it’s even more important to fuel our bodies with seriously nutrient-dense foods.

Fruits and veggies are the real fast food winners here!

#8 Cut Out Processed Sugar

White sugar, some sugar-free options, and some “natural” sugars are pretty processed. Make sure you know where your sugar sources are coming from if you eat it.

A lot of folks in the Keto realm use Monkfruit sweetener, Erythritol, and Stevia as their choices. I love the Golden Monkfruit Sweetener from Lakanto. It’s delicious.

#9 Cut Out Processed Meats

Basically, this means pre-packaged meats like sandwich meats and store-bought bacon. We’re going to be getting our bacon from the butcher from now on.

They process it in-house, so it will be fresh, fresh when we get it. We’ve tasted some of the bacon and it was pretty good.

What are the ways that you’re ditching processed foods in your diet?

It can be hard in the beginning, Lord knows I struggle on a daily basis.

Especially when my kids come home from their grandparents toting little treats or what-not from the store that I wouldn’t buy at all. -_-

But, just keep in mind why you’re on this journey and grab a friend to help you make it through. It will get easier… at least that’s what I tell myself. Maybe try telling yourself that too ;).

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