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33 Things to Do Instead Of Watching TV

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Are you tired of TV dominating your life? Why not find some things to do instead of watching TV for the third hour today?

Some days you just can’t help but stay inside all day. Whether it’s raining like cats and dogs outside or the heat is blistering or the cold is seeping to your bones.

It happens and there’s not much you can do.

Other days, though, you don’t quite have the same excuses. So, what can you do to avoid sitting on the couch and mindlessly binge-watching tv?

33 Things To Do Instead of Watching TV

1 Go for a walk

Does your neighborhood have a sidewalk? Take a walk around the neighborhood or maybe down the road. This is also a good way to get your 10,000 daily steps in ;).

2 Work out

Include the kids and make it a fun workout for everyone! Here are a few you might like: 15-Minute Low Impact HIIT Workout or 30-Day Push-Up Challenge

3 Play with your kid(s)

Running around the yard or playing tag is a fun activity for kids and adults.

4 Play with your animals.

We are always taking our dogs and cat (yes, the cat) on frequent walks.

5 Ride a bike

You don’t have to go far. Just ride around your neighborhood or even take your bike to a local hiking spot and ride it.

6 Go on a hike

Find a good trail in your area and take your kid(s) on a nice hike through the woods.

7 Do yard work

You can push a mower around the yard for a great workout. Raking leaves is also a great workout.

8 Practice Yoga

Not sure where to start when it comes to yoga?

Try one of these posts: Yoga By Adriene: Most Watched YouTube Videos5 Tips for Starting a Home Yoga Practice for BeginnersYoga Youtube Channels: 5 Awesome Free Channels to Find Yoga Workouts

9 Plant a garden

You don’t have to have much space. We had a patio garden when we lived in an apartment, and when we lived in an RV we had a container garden. Start basic and try to grow tomatoes and a few herbs. Here are some posts that might get you started: Nash Homestead

10 Plant a flower bed.

We like to use natural local bee-friendly flowers around the house. If you’re in an area where hummingbirds frequently fly try planting some flowers the hummingbirds would enjoy too!

11 Train for a fitness goal

Lace-up your shoes and hit the pavement and train for something like a 5k.

12 Go swimming

You can swim at home if you have a pool. Or, you can swim in a lake, a river, or even your local YMCA.

13 Go fishing

Our kids really enjoy fishing…. for like 5 minutes. But, it gets us out of the house and, generally, as long as my daughter has a net she’s occupied.

14 Go hunting

Whether that’s hunting to put food on your table or hunting for a bargain. Whatever floats your boat.

15 Clean your house

Weather permitting, toss open the windows to allow some fresh air inside, put on some good music, and give your house a deep clean.

16 Clean your car

I’ll admit, I do this less than I should. But, in the middle of summer, I will gladly wash the car and spray the kids at the same time.

17 Put on some music and dance

Everyone loves a good dance party.

18 Meditate

Here’s one you can follow along to if you’ve never meditated:

19 Go geocaching with the family

Not sure what geocaching is? Check out this article here: Geocache 101

20 Have a bonfire

Nothing ever beats the sound, smell, and vibe of a bonfire.

21 Volunteer

Nothing else seems appealing? Go volunteer at your favorite place.

22 Make a few meals for the week

Prepping meals ahead can save you time later in the week when you’re super busy.

23 Go to the beach

Just taking a stroll on the beach can be lovely. Don’t have a beach? Try a local lake, river, or even park.

24 Rake leaves from the yard

Note: I’ll be raking forever because we have loads of trees.

25 Go on a scavenger hunt

This one can be so fun! Get the family involved and see who can mark off their list first.

26 Go to the mall and walk around

If you’re not wanting to spend any money you can always leave your debit card/credit card in your vehicle so you’re not tempted.

27 Go to the park

Take your kid(s) or fur babies to the park and let them romp around.

28 Take your kids to the library

Let them pick out a few books to bring home and read to you.

29 Play dress-up with the kids

Everyone loves a good game of dress-up. Break out the make-up and have some fun.

30 Play a game of charades

Give it all you got! Here’s a list of words that kids would enjoy: charades list

31 Draw with chalk on the sidewalk

Here is a fun set of chalk: sidewalk chalk

32 Play tic-tac-toe

You can use the chalk from above to play tic-tac-toe outside!

33 Play a board game

Here are tons of family-friendly board games you can choose from… family board games

The options are endless! All you need to do is use your imagination and have fun! There are a lot of things to do instead of watching TV all day long. 

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