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Thanksgiving Keto Recipes for A No-Fuss Meal

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It's that time of year again! And I do mean the Thanksgiving time of year where we get to create all sorts of Thanksgiving keto recipes for our loved ones.

*It's the most wonderful time of the year*

No? Not doing it for you?

Well, I know one thing… my family LOVES to cook. And, generally, they love to cook the most delicious, but heavily carb-loaded, meals.

I mean the kind of carb-loaded meals you look at and start gaining weight… yeah, that's what we get to eat.

However, my family is slowly starting to realize that certain carbs tend to help you pack on the pounds in the most unwanted way.

I think I even convinced them to try some of my cooking this year! Now that would be a win for sure.

Keto Thanksgiving Recipes Vs Regular Thanksgiving Recipes

Most regular Thanksgiving recipes use either some form of bread, potatoes or a heavy starch. When you're on a keto diet you have to be careful and start thinking of ways to really adapt the recipes.

  • Rather than using sweet potatoes you can use a squash.
  • Instead of potatoes, you can use cauliflower.
  • Instead of flour, you can use almond flour or coconut flour.
  • Use heavy cream instead of milk
  • Make things from scratch rather than using canned or boxed items
  • Make a pumpkin pie from a real pumpkin instead of canned (or look for low carb canned pumpkin)

There are many ways to have a keto Thanksgiving.

The recipes below will be a start in helping you either plan your Thanksgiving or at least giving you ideas for planning your Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Keto Recipes for A No-Fuss Meal

4 Ingredient Cranberry Sauce Recipe

image of cranberry sauce and rosemary twigs

My grandfather really loves his cranberry sauce and I hope that he'll love this tangy yet deliciously sweet keto swap. This recipe is sugar-free, but it uses powdered erythritol to give it the sweetness you're used to.

This will be a family crowd pleaser… and dare I say could replace the original if you don't tell them. Shhhh.

Get the recipe here.

Ultimate Keto Buns

low-carb and keto buns

If there's one thing people miss when they start their keto journey it's being able to have bread. Especially when that bread is hot right out of the oven.

Thankfully, with this recipe for keto rolls, you won't have to miss your bread (or your rolls for that matter). Give these a shot and see how your family responds to them. They're light, fluffy and delicious with a pad of butter.

Get the recipe here.

Grain-Free Yorkshire Pudding


This is somewhat of a family tradition for my family. We make them for Thanksgiving and for Christmas dinner. I love sopping up the juices from the meat and gravy. Nom nom nom.

Since we make it every year, I wanted to see if I could fool my family. So, I can't wait to make this recipe and test it to see if my grandmother approves!

Get the recipe here.

Low Carb Green Bean Casserole

keto green bean casserole

This is probably my most favorite dish of all for Thanksgiving and I was so excited to see many keto recipes for green bean casserole. But, this one is delicious.

I'll eat green bean casserole all year if I'm allowed to, so I tested it. I think my family will enjoy eating this and won't miss the old version.

It's creamy and full of flavor.

Get the recipe here.

Cauliflower Bacon Gratin Recipe

keto Cauliflower Bacon Gratin Recipe

Who doesn't love bacon on everything? Besides folks that haven't developed sophisticated taste buds.

Toss out your potatoes au gratin and get ready to have some cauliflower au gratin that will blow your mind.

I'm not one that generally likes cauliflower substitute dishes, but this one is pretty freaking tasty.

Get the recipe here.

Healthy Low Carb Sweet Potato Casserole

Healthy Low Carb Sweet Potato Casserole

(Don't worry… it's made with squash, not sweet potatoes!)

Give this recipe a shot if you're missing all of the yumminess of regular sweet potato casserole.

You won't believe how delicious it is!

Squash might not be sweet potato, but with the spices and toppings, you sure won't miss it!

Get the recipe here.

Low Carb Paleo Cauliflower Stuffing

Low Carb Paleo Cauliflower Stuffing

Stuffing is one of my favorite dishes at Thanksgiving, but this year I plan to make this Keto Thanksgiving stuffing recipe instead. If nothing else, at least I know that I'll have some dishes that will be keto friendly to keep me on track.

I encourage you to try some of these dishes so you can make sure you stay on track this Thanksgiving too. Even if you decide to eat non-keto foods, just having some keto friendly dishes makes it so you won't feel left out.

Get the recipe here.

Keto Thanksgiving Turkey

keto thanksgiving turkey

The star of the show!

I'm not sure how many people's turkeys aren't keto friendly, but I wanted to include one in this blog post that was definitely keto friendly for your first (or maybe second or so on) Keto Thanksgiving.

This one is so juicy and tender that you'll wonder why you ever cooked the turkey a different way.

Get the recipe here.

Keto Turkey Giblet Gravy

keto turkey giblet gravy

And, what's Thanksgiving without some giblet gravy!?

If you're not a giblet gravy fan then that's ok. You can make the gravy from the turkey drippings after you cook it.

But, giblet gravy is one of my favorite gravies and I'm so glad to have found a keto version of it!

Get the recipe here.

Roasted Buttery Mushrooms

roasted buttery mushrooms

This delicious side dish will go so well with Thanksgiving this year.

It may not be traditional in every house, but the flavor is on point and it will be a crowd pleaser.

Get the recipe here.

Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

stuffed pork tenderloin

If you're not wanting to cook a whole turkey then this stuffed turkey breast will be the winner for you.

Add in the side of roasted radishes and the dish is really amazing.

Get ready to put this on your “every Thanksgiving” cooking list.

Get the recipe here.

Healthy Low Carb Holiday Stuffing

low-carb keto thanksgiving stuffing

This. Is. To. Die. For.

Talk about a copycat keto stuffing! This will surprise even the most hardcore stuffing lovers when they find out that it's a keto stuffing dish.

If your family balks too much, just adjust the number of ingredients to fit how many servings you want to make. Then you can have it all to yourself ;).

Get the recipe here.

Creamy Cauliflower Mash

creamy cauliflower mash

Skip the potatoes this year and dive straight into this yummy keto cauliflower mash with gravy.

If you really want to get fancy you can try pairing the cauliflower mash with the giblet gravy from above.

Talk about it being a winner, winner chicken dinner, right?

Get the recipe here.

Low Carb Gluten-Free Green Bean Casserole

low-carb green bean casserole

The best dish on the table is usually (for me) the green bean casserole. It's the one that always disappears the quickest in our house too.

I am looking forward to placing this dish on the table this year and not feeling guilty about digging in and enjoying myself.

Green bean casserole lovers… unite!

Get the recipe here.

Low Carb Three Cheese Ham and Broccoli Casserole

Low Carb Ham and Broccoli Casserole

Get a load of this delicious dish!

Out with the old and in with the new, I say. Broccoli casserole is getting a facelift and she's looking good. Not only is she looking good though, but she tastes delicious.

I made this without the ham and it was amazing. I can only imagine what it would be like with the ham.

Get the recipe here.

Easy Garlic Green Beans

garlic green beans on a plate

Let's just say… I love green beans. Add garlic? Um, yes, please. Always.

If you don't want a green bean casserole (not sure why you wouldn't though), then I would definitely make this garlic green bean dish. They have a little crunch and they're really tasty.

Get the recipe here.

Best Low Carb Spinach Artichoke Dip

low carb spinach dip

Getting hungry before the big meal? Try whipping up some of this awesome spinach and artichoke dip to snack on while you wait.

Just be careful not to eat the entire dish or you won't have any room for the Thanksgiving Keto feast you've prepared. That would be a sad thing to happen.

Get the recipe here.

Low Carb Pumpkin Pie

low carb pumpkin pies with whipped cream on top

Mini pumpkin pies anyone? These are so adorable and you don't have to cut up a pie either.

Put these on a platter or tray and let everyone grab their own personal pumpkin pie to munch on after dinner is over. They're so delicate and delicious.

Get the recipe here.

Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

bacon wrapped asparagus

Here's another appetizer for you. Bacon wrapped anything is great, but these bacon wrapped asparaguses are real winners.

This is a great keto friendly Thanksgiving appetizer that everyone can enjoy. You don't even have to call them keto! Just tell folks it's a side dish or appetizer they can enjoy for the day.

Just because it's keto friendly doesn't mean we need to label it keto.

Get the recipe here.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts and Butternut Squash

roasted brussels sprouts and butternut squash

Here's another side dish that is keto friendly, but we don't have to call it keto. It's easy for people to place a stigma on things based on a name, so we'll keep this one simple.

But, knowing that it's keto friendly is great for you because you'll have a yummy dish that you can eat and everyone will love.

When Brussels sprouts are roasted they get this sweet caramel taste and then paired with butternut squash you won't even realize it's keto friendly. It's just that good.

Get the recipe here.

Keto Cornbread Muffins

keto cornbread muffins

Last, but certainly not least, we have keto cornbread muffins!

These are light, fluffy and full of flavor. Put some butter on them, sop up some juices or just eat right out of the pan!

You'll love these little goodies for sure.

Get the recipe here.

So, Can You Have a Keto Thanksgiving?

You sure as spitfire can! This list of keto-friendly foods pretty much encompasses everything that my family would make for Thanksgiving.

I'm sure if your family makes another type of dish that you can find it on Pinterest. People are so creative in the kitchen that it's amazing what they can replicate to suit a specific dietary need.

Give these a shot and go into Thanksgiving knowing that you will be eating some delicious, keto-friendly foods this year. And you won't completely blow your carb count.

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