Starting High Intensity Strength with Cass

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Are you ready to lose that quarantine fluff? Check out High Intensity Strength with Cass on the Sweat App!

I’ve started and stopped so many workouts over time, but I really want to get to a place of consistency.

Even if it’s just consistently doing something and not so much focusing on the “plan”.

However, I do like following workouts that are laid out also. That’s why I chose High Intensity Strength with Cass to start (or restart) this journey with.

It doesn’t require a workout rack. 

It doesn’t require a gym.

It doesn’t require a barbell, a bench, a pullup system, or anything like that.

All I needed was some dumbbells, a mat, a rope, a kettlebell, and myself.

I have all of these things, but if I didn’t they’d be cheaper to buy than a rack (though, I do have one at my husband’s parents’ place).

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What Is HIIT and How Is High Intensity Strength Different?

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and can be summed up by saying you’ll be doing short bursts of your workout followed by a period of rest.

This can look like many things depending on your workout.

Sometimes it can be 20 seconds of work with 10 seconds of rest. And, sometimes, it can be a minute of work with 30 seconds of rest.

It really just depends on the workout.

The idea is to get your heart rate elevated higher for a shorter period of time so that you will continue to burn fat even after your workout is complete.

But, high intensity strength appears to be a mix of HIIT-style workouts with strength training.

So, I’ll get the best of both worlds wrapped up in this 10-week workout program.

It’s pretty genius really!

Why I Chose High Intensity Strength with Cass?

I sat down to plan out a 12-week workout program for myself and I just felt unmotivated to create something.

Lots of people I followed on IG had used the Sweat App and loved it so I took a peek at their programs again and saw this one and was intrigued.

I love HIIT-style workouts and weight lifting, but with HIIT you have a good chance of toasting your fat whereas with weights you’d be increasing your muscle mass.

Neither is better than the other, but I want to improve my cardiovascular system also, so it makes sense to do a HIIT-style training first and then I’ll dive into building muscle.

So, that’s why I chose this one versus another style of workout on the Sweat App.

Starting High Intensity Strength with Cass

This is a newer program on the Sweat App and I was excited to see this one!

After I complete the 10-weeks of this program I fully intend to focus on building muscle, so I’ll keep y’all posted on the program I choose next.

What Does It Cost to Get Started?

Thankfully, the Sweat App is pretty decently priced.

It’s $19.99 a month plus tax (for me that brings it to $21.39).

You also have the option of buying a full year for $119 (or something like that). However, I’m not sure if I’ll stick with the Sweat App for strength training or hire a trainer yet.

How Can You Join Me?

brianna nash sitting at a picnic table

Here’s how to join me:

  1. You can use this link to get a 7-day Free Trial
  2. Then, send me an email and let me know!

People who have access to accountability when starting a new program are 100x times more likely to stick with it, so why don’t you join me?!

The Workout Plan I’ll Be Doing

Equipment You’ll Need for This Workout Plan

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