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How & Why to Start Working from Home as a Mom

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Working from home can be super stressful, but very, very rewarding. I’ve learned a lot along the way in the past four to five years. Quite a lot actually, but I am always learning new things every day.

The ability to make money and work from home is so vast that sometimes it can be very confusing around where to start or even what you should be doing.

I first considered working from home while I was finishing my college degree online.

Doing school work from home was fulfilling and was easy while I was pregnant.

It made the substituting work I did feel like a chore.

When the idea of working from home was sparked it made me reconsider my desire to finish my master’s degree in English and even if I wanted to teach or have any other job outside of being home.

I knew nothing about what sort of jobs you could do from home and I wasn’t even sure where to start. I did tons of research and joined tons of groups when I was starting.

There was a lot I learned how to do and a lot I learned how not to do. I want to save you a little headache and help you get started on the right path though.

First, I’ll be going over some awesome reasons why working from home is great.

Next, I’ll go over how you can start working from home as a mom.

woman making a wreath out of rosemary and learning to start working from home

Why Start Working From Home

#1 You Get to Be Home With Your Kids

This one should be sort of a no-brainer really. Being home with your kids while you work is usually the number one reason women start scouting for things to do from home.

Generally, the thought of taking their kids to daycare makes them cringe inside.

No matter how much their kids drive them crazy during the daytime… usually, women just start really regretting having to send their kids to daycare.

I was in the same boat and it’s been a goal of mine ever since I started working online.

#2 You Work On Your Schedule

It’s amazing to know that I can get up when I want (well, at least sort of when kids are involved) and that I can drink my coffee as slow as I want without being rushed to the office.

I can work in the morning, at naptime, or after the kids are in bed and no one will tell me to work faster or that something needs to be done “right now”.

It’s an amazing feeling.

It can be a little stressful, but with the right systems in place, it can be really amazing too.

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#3 You Don’t Have to Top Out On Your Pay

When you’re working at an office you can only get paid so much unless you take on extra shifts.

And, sometimes taking on extra shifts isn’t possible for every job. So, once you reach your 40 hours a week you’ve pretty much topped out unless you get a raise.

But, when working from home you don’t have to top out on hours.

You can create passive income that will make you money while you sleep!

That’s one of the main things I plan to do with this blog.

#4 Focus On Things You Love

This is probably the second thing I love about working from home! I can focus on things I love versus things I don’t love.

For instance, I started this blog to help women who want to work from home.

Rather than trying to help women individually (though if you want help just email me), I can do it on a mass scale through Pinterest.

It’s amazing.

But, this also leaves me time to create things for our farm – find me at Tri Oaks Farm!

Pick something you love to focus on and you’ll never really get bored with it.

With that said, don’t push yourself too hard or you’ll end up burned out as I burned myself out. You don’t want to do that.

#5 No Boss Nagging You

Ahhhh. This one is quite nice too.

Ever had that one boss that you just couldn’t stand the sight of or the sound of? I’m sure we’ve all had a boss or two like that.

Well, when you’re working from home you don’t have to worry about that!

You are your own boss. You make the rules, the schedule, and the tasks. Don’t overwork yourself and you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve.

#6 If You Get Sick You Can Take Off Without Being Scared

On days I would get sick and couldn’t go in to substitute at the school I was working at it made me worry.

If I didn’t go in I wouldn’t get paid. This meant my check would be way less than if I had gone into work. But, I never wanted to get the kids sick.

Now, I don’t have to worry about what happens if I don’t go to work. I can work from my bed if I need to or even want to work.

If not, I can just get to it the next day after I’ve rested.

No one can dictate my pay any more. Only I can!

#7 Can Take Vacations Without a Pay Decrease

This one is not something people always have to worry about.

Some people get paid vacation, but for those who don’t, it can be a big one.

For me, if I didn’t work, I didn’t get paid so I had to plan my vacations around school vacation times. G

ranted, this wasn’t always bad, but if I wanted to take a vacation during school time based on my husband’s schedule it would mean I wouldn’t get paid.

Now, working from home, I don’t have to worry about not getting paid if I go on a vacation.

Once my passive income is going I can even let things run on autopilot without my help and take a computer-free vacation!

That is my ultimate goal.

#8 Can Choose What You Do & What You Outsource

This one is amazing. If you don’t like a certain part of working from home you can 99% of the time find someone you can outsource it to!

This means you don’t have to do anything you don’t like doing.

Now, with that said, you will likely have to do things you don’t want to do in the beginning.

But, once your income can pay someone else to do it, then you can start outsourcing for the things you don’t like.

#9 You Can Save On Daycare

Can I get a hallelujah!

Has anyone noticed the costs of daycare have gone up drastically over the years?

Where we live it would cost us near $1200 for two kids to go full time!!! If I went out to get a job right now that would eat my paycheck. So, I would essentially be making money for the kids to go to daycare. And that’s at $10/hour!

How crazy is that?!

Now, I can make money from home and save money on daycare too! That means saving $1200 I would have had to spend on daycare.

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woman making jewelry and trying to start working from home

How to Start Working From Home

#1 Blogging

You can start a blog in minutes now and get started on your blogging journey.

Choose your niche (what you want to blog about), map out some posts, write said posts, and start promoting via social media.

You can monetize your blog via affiliate marketing and the best person to learn from is Michelle from Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

In her course, she teaches you exactly how to get started with affiliate marketing and how to get your first commission. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

I’m actually going back through her course myself so that I can put the practices into place and start generating passive income this way.

#2 Sell things in your home

Do you have an excess amount of things in your home? Are your kids growing out of their clothes or toys?

There are probably many things you could sell around your house to make extra cash. A good spring (summer, fall, or winter) cleaning would likely uncover a lot. It may not be a long-term way to make extra money, but it would help you start.

This one also ties into #3 as well.

#3 Amazon FBA

The Selling Family has an amazing program my husband and I are going to be starting next month called Amazon Boot Camp. They teach you everything you need to know about sourcing products and selling them on Amazon via the FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) program.

This is a great way to make extra money while letting Amazon handle all the business. You can make it a family affair by getting your kids to help you pick things out to put on your Amazon store.

#4 Handmade Business

Are you a particularly crafty person? Do you know how to create printables? Perhaps you know how to sew?

Creating a handmade business is becoming really popular. Essentially, you’re creating things by hand and selling them for profit on a platform like Etsy or Shopify. (I’ll be creating a free course on how to set up both of these)

Etsy has a community already built into its platform that allows people to find you and your products.

#5 Service Provider

There are many things you can do as a service provider and get paid a decent amount. The one thing I chose to do in the beginning was offering services as a Virtual Assistant.

You could also do something like being a graphic designer, website creator, Instagram Manager, Facebook Group manager, social media manager, Facebook Ads manager, and so much more.

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