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Practicing Yoga For Self-Care

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Starting a practice of yoga is an act self-care. And, it’s one of the best things you could possibly do for yourself. It allows you to calm your mind, to relieve stress, release tension, and so much more.

Yoga has been used as a form of movement and self-care practice for thousands of years. It was a way to hone the body, still the mind and focus on yourself. A quiet time strictly for you.

Being that in today’s society we’re doing things at such a faster pace it makes sense that yoga would be the yin to our fast-paced yang. This allows us to slow our minds and to quiet the constant chatter in our brain.

People have successfully used yoga to combat many things like anxiety, ADHD, fidgeting, depression even. It may not cure them, but it goes a long way in providing a tool that you can use to help quell them. 

Practicing Yoga For Self-Care

Self-care is an important step in your overall health. One way to incorporate self-care into your routine is to practice yoga. You probably have an idea of what yoga is, and you might have even taken a class or done some poses at home. This is a great start, but there may be more benefits to doing yoga than you have imagined.

Here are five reasons to consider adding yoga to your self-care wellness program.

1 Yoga Gives You Time To Yourself

If you are looking to do more activities on your own to give your mind a little break from your hectic life, yoga is perfect for that. By committing to doing yoga daily or at least on a regular basis, you can tell your family that you want this time to work on your yoga alone. You may want to do it in your own home or by taking an outside class.

Some people benefit from going to yoga classes with their friends and getting to know like-minded people, and this can be amazing for you. Just remember your main purpose is self-care, so keep that in mind when deciding what the best decision is for you.

Here’s an amazing book full of beautifully photographed yoga poses that would be a great reference for you.

2 Yoga Can Be Done In Any Length of Time

Another reason to start practicing yoga for self-care is that you can practice for any length of time. While classes are often 30-60 minutes, that doesn’t mean you have to do a complete class every time.

Once you learn some of the basic moves and stretches, you can do yoga just about anywhere and in any circumstance. If you have a few minutes before needing to leave work for the day, close your office door and do some office yoga. You can fit it in while dinner is cooking, early in the morning, or over the weekend.

If you love to cook, consider this Yoga Kitchen Recipe Book. These recipes are vegetarian and gluten-free, helping you improve your health and support your personal development. The author manages to bring the yogic principles into your kitchen through these healthy recipes.

Start a home yoga practice with this guide here on starting a home yoga practice. You’ll learn what you need, what’s not necessary and where to start when you’re wanting to start practicing yoga at home rather than going to a studio.

3 Try Yoga In A Class Or At Home

The beauty of a yoga practice is that there is no one-size-fits-all yoga method. There are not only different places to do yoga, but different types of yoga as well.

If you are brand new to yoga, taking a class is recommended in order to understand the fundamentals, but is not required if you would rather learn the concepts and poses on your own.

There are classes you can do at home with a DVD or even online, or you can get a book that shows the different yoga poses and important breathing techniques.

You may also want to explore different types of yoga, such as:
Hatha yoga
Gentle stretch yoga
Hot yoga
Aerial yoga
Online yoga

4 Yoga Can Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Are you struggling with stress and anxiety?

These are issues many people deal with, which can really affect every facet of your life. A common and natural remedy to try is yoga. It is amazing for self-care and can help reduce anxiety and stress at the same time.

Make sure you have all your yoga gear ready to go, whether attending a class or practicing at home. Check out this non-toxic yoga mat and this super absorbent yoga towel. Carry all your yoga gear in this multi-functional bag.

5 Yoga Can Improve Physical And Mental Health

Through yoga, you are going to learn how to calm your mind and release negative energy, find clarity, and improve your stress and other mental health conditions. It is also wonderful on a physical level, toning and lengthening your body, improving your flexibility, and strengthening your muscles.

Because yoga is a versatile wellness activity which can be adapted to various ages and capabilities, there aren’t many reasons not to do yoga, but rather, many reasons to give it a try. Yoga is a great activity to add to your self-care routine and one that offers many health benefits.


  • Yoga Mat – because using just a blanket or the floor proves a bit more difficult in the beginning
  • Yoga block – these are super helpful if you can’t quite reach the ground OR if you want to get a deeper stretch in some poses
  • Blanket – yoga blankets are great for those relaxing poses that I’ll talk about in another post (stay tuned)
  • Yoga Strap – if you can’t quite do a pose (like reach your feet in seated forward fold) a strap comes in mighty handy to help you still do the pose properly without sacrificing your alignment
  • Meditation cushion – meditation has been proven to lower stress levels, so having a meditation cushion makes it a bit comfier and helps to elevate your hips
  • Bolster – same as the blanket, but this allows you to relax back onto the bolster so you can relax deeper into the poses you’re doing that might need or warrant a bolster 

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