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The Best New Years Resolution Ideas You Should Use

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The year starts creeping closer to ending, and the new year starts to quickly approach. Don’t be one of those people that panics as they try to find some New Years Resolution ideas to wade through.

Every New Year people end up rushing to make their New Years Resolutions. They’re stressed out trying to find THE PERFECT resolution and then half the time they just give up.

You need to dig deeper. If you have a reason to keep your resolution it will be a lot harder to break it.

But, if you have a few New Years Resolution ideas and aren’t sure how to keep them it’s ok. I got your back.

Most people don’t fully intend to break their resolutions it just sort of happens… you know?

  • Disappointment sets in
  • Parties crop up
  • Outings occur
  • Family responsibilities seem more important
  • You’re giving more to others than you’re giving to yourself
  • You go on the back burner

It. Happens. Every. Dang. Year.

But not this year!

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Why Should You Set New Years Resolutions?

When you set a New Years Resolution you’re giving yourself a goal to aim for. Most people are goal driven and need something to work towards each day.

By setting a resolution, you’re giving yourself a daily goal to work towards every day of the year.

But, a lot of people do it wrong.

They’ll set this MASSIVE goal and think they need to hit that massive goal every day of the year.

Then when they don’t hit their goal, they just throw their hands in the air and say screw it.

They just give up.

However, if you do it the right way you can keep true to your New Years Resolution without breaking it.

Coming Up With a New Years Resolution Ideas You Can Keep

So, what makes a resolution that you won’t break special?

Well, it’s something you really want to achieve and you won’t flake out on at the first sign of trouble or things getting rough.

This happens a lot when people set a resolution to lose weight…

Maybe you set a goal to lose 50 pounds this year and 3 weeks into your goal you haven’t lost anything. You toss your hands in despair and think, “I’ll never reach my goal… I haven’t even lost a pound.”

Sound familiar?

The way you flip this resolution around is by focusing on things you CAN control.


  • You can walk 30 minutes a day
  • You can eat less red meat or conventionally grown meat
  • Maybe eat two salads a day
  • Pack your lunch for work each day
  • Plan your meals for the week ahead of time
  • Maybe have Meatless Mondays every week for the year
  • Lift weights twice a week

These are all things you can control yourself.

They’re things that aren’t dependent upon other things that you’re doing. Losing weight is dependent upon you being healthy, moving your body and filling your body with nutritious foods.

So, if you shift your focus to those things instead, then you’ll have more control over your weight loss AND you can stick to your resolutions easier.

Top New Years Resolution Ideas You Should Try

  1. Physical Resolutions
  2. Emotional Resolutions
  3. Mental Resolutions
  4. Family Resolutions
  5. Spiritual Resolution

We’re going to dig into 5 different areas of your life and go over some New Years Resolutions you’re sure to keep.

Just try to remember that you can always break them down into bite-sized pieces rather than trying to bite off a huge chunk all at once.

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Physical New Years Resolution Ideas

  • Eat more greens this year (start by adding two cups of some sort of green to your meals each day)
  • Drink more water (buy a big water jug you can carry around –  I have this 64 oz Jug I use)
  • Walk more each day
  • Stand up while working (if you sit down at a desk – a standing desk conversion thing is amazing!)
  • Eat less sugar (or kick all added sugar and processed sugar to the curb)
  • Lift weights 2x a week to build strength
  • Meditate 3 or more times per week for 5 minutes+
  • Do yoga every day for at least 5 minutes
  • Take Natural Calm before bed to help you sleep better
  • Eat Meatless Mondays
  • Cut gluten from your diet (if you haven’t already)

Emotional New Years Resolution Ideas

  • Learn stress management techniques
  • Accept help when you need it (not when you think you do)
  • Talk to a therapist just because you can
  • Take care of yourself more
  • Find self-care routines that make  you happy

Mental New Years Resolution Ideas

  • Make note when you’re talking negatively about yourself
  • Speak to yourself with kindness
  • Start a daily journal
  • Start daily affirmations
  • Write a gratitude journal
  • Take breaks at work to breathe and keep your sanity

Family New Years Resolution Ideas

  • Play with your kids more (if you have them)
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Put the electronic devices away after 7 pm
  • Watch movies together
  • Walk together
  • Do something outside
  • Travel to a new place
  • Take monthly trips to a new place near your home
  • Always make it a point to tell your loved ones you love them

Spiritual New Years Resolution Ideas

  • Spend 5 minutes extra each day on your relationship with God (or whoever you pray too)
  • Read your Bible or religious text each day
  • Talk about your religious questions or thoughts with your family
  • Create discussions with friends that are wanting to learn and expand too
  • Get outside and experience the creations of God
  • Go to Church more often
  • Speak to your minister and church family
  • Spend time in solitude with your own thoughts

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The Secret New Years Resolution Idea

Is there a secret New Years Resolution idea? Well, I’d like to think so. It’s something we all can aim for and achieve.

More Happiness!

The best way to achieve this goal is to seek happiness every day of your life.

Whether it’s the laughter of a child, seeing the smile on someones fast when you do something, doing something for another person that brings you joy… 

Whatever it is… do something each day that will bring you happiness.

It could even be watching your favorite movie that has you grabbing your sides in laughter.

How to Make Your New Years Resolution Ideas Stick

It takes effort, diligence, and desire.

You have to want to make your resolution stick. 

But, here are a few ideas for how to stick to your New Years Resolution this year…

  • Make sure you can control your actions
  • Keep the resolutions something you can either count, quantify, or keep control of (ie. you can track it)
  • Pick goals that are long-lasting and can be broken down
  • Don’t try to aim for too much too soon

Basically… that’s the gist of it.

You want to make sure you aim for a goal you can do all year round AND break that goal down into little mini-goals.

This will help keep you accountable all year round and you’ll be able to track and mark off parts of the goal as you’re going through the year.

Simple Example of Goal Tracking

My goal: I want to eat a salad every day of the year (365 days) but not beat myself up if I miss a day.

So, this is something you can break down daily, weekly or monthly. It depends on how you want to keep track.

I’m a daily tracker, so I’d likely make a calendar I could put on my fridge and check off each day that I ate a salad.

You can get as fancy or as plain as you’d like here. Some folks like getting fancy because it inspires them to keep going.

It’s up to you though.

Keep the spirit going so that you are inspired and encouraged to stick to your resolutions.

Do A Monthly Evaluation to See How Things Are Going

Now, don’t beat yourself up! This is just an evaluation. You can’t do better if you’re beating yourself up.

 Just evaluate and see if there is room for improvement.

  • Are there things that are making it difficult to achieve your goal?
  • Could you do things differently to make it easier?
  • Would asking a friend for support be helpful?
  • Can you plan better?

Think of things that will help you along the way.

Your New Years Resolutions are your own and only you can achieve them, but getting help will go a long way in supporting you too.

Let’s make this year’s New Years Resolution ideas stick and let’s make this year the best yet. 

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

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