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Make Money with Ultimate Bundles

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. Read my full disclosure policy here.

I love a good deal, and one company rules them all when it comes to deals… Ultimate Bundles. But, did you know you can make money with Ultimate Bundles?

Ultimate Bundles is easily one of my favorite companies. They have so many amazing bundles that they sell and the products inside are worth every penny.

On top of that, you can make some really great extra money by becoming an affiliate for them!

I’m going to show you the three ways that you too can earn money with Ultimate Bundles so that you can start working on your side hustle to finally get to stay home with your family and still make some money.

What Is The Ultimate Bundles Company?

Basically, Ultimate Bundles is a company that gathers products from some amazing bloggers across the internet that have a product they can offer for sale. They stick these products in a “bundle” and will offer the bundle for a heavily discounted price (sometimes up to 97%).

Now, you might be wondering why folks would allow their products to be discounted so much just to be sold in a bundle?

The idea is to gather MORE exposure. The more people that see and interact with your products, the more likely of a chance they’ll buy something else from you.

Also, the Ultimate Bundles company has a really big email list so the possibility of making good money is still there.

They have “bundles” on many different topics like:

  • blogging
  • healthy living
  • photography
  • crafting
  • productivity
  • homemaking
  • personal finance
  • and more

These bundles are digital products… nothing ships to your house so you’re able to access everything lickety-split!

They are typically only available for a short time (a few days to a week) each year at an amazing price, usually over 90% off. Some bundles go “evergreen” which means they are available for a few additional months after the initial sale.

How Can You Make Money With Ultimate Bundles?

1. Becoming an Ultimate Bundles Contributor

The first way you can make money with Ultimate Bundles is by becoming a contributor and putting your own product in the bundles.

If you have your own digital product you could totally signup for their program and then submit it for inclusion in an upcoming bundle!

I have a fellow blogger friend who has put her product the Beginners Guide to Herbal Medicine in the Herbs & Essential Oil Super Bundle and has seen an increase in traffic and affiliate income from doing so.

In one month she has been able to earn over $1000 in affiliate income for one of her top-earning affiliates.

Not sure what you could stick in an Ultimate Bundle? Here are the top digital products you could create to add to a bundle.

2. As an Ultimate Bundles Affiliate

Another way to earn money with Ultimate Bundles is by signing up for their affiliate program and promoting the bundles.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 40% commission on every.single.bundle that is sold through your link.

How can you sell bundles, you might ask?

Well, you can promote the bundles by writing a blog post, or sending an email to your list, or even sharing about it on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

One awesome caveat, if you’re a contributor and your products are included in the bundle… your commission rate jumps up to a whopping 70%.

The main way I promote bundles is through email and Pinterest. You can create Pinterest images and link directly to the bundles this way. (Learn how to get paid to pin here)

When you sign up for the Ultimate Bundles affiliate program, you will get access to an email swipe copy you can use to write your own sales emails!

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3. Through 2nd Tier Affiliates

The final way that I make money with Ultimate Bundles is through my 2nd tier affiliate commissions.

Basically… if I refer someone to become an affiliate for Ultimate Bundles, I will earn a 10% commission on all the sales that they make.

So, if you signed up through the link above or the form at the end of this post, started promoting bundles, and made sales I would receive a 10% commission on the sales you made, BUT you wouldn’t lose any money on your sales. It’s just an added bonus for those that have 2nd tier affiliates.

The really cool part? You can have 2nd Tier Affiliates TOO.

Other Amazing Things to Think About

If you’re not convinced yet, then check out these other things that make Ultimate Bundles amazing!

  • If you add a product as a contributor for a bundle then you can get that bundle for free.
  • As an affiliate, you have the opportunity to buy the bundle at a discount, but you can get your bundle cost refunded by selling five copies.
  • They have a super awesome training platform to help you succeed
  • There are giveaways all affiliates are entered into for each bundle.
  • They have a bundle for almost every niche… go on and check it out and see!
  • Since they’re seriously discounted it makes the sale a no-brainer!

Ready to make some money with Ultimate Bundles?

Want to just sign up now? Use the form below to signup to be an affiliate directly to Ultimate Bundles!

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