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the Keto Freedom 14-Day Detox

Gone are the days of eating bland foods, starving to feel like you’re reaching for your goals or trying to find those ingredients you’ve never even seen in your grocery store!

Keto doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive or full of crazy meal ideas.

You shouldn’t be struggling to know what to eat, if it will taste good, or question if you’ll be hungry in an hour.

Instead, if you follow the Keto Freedom 14-Day Detox plan, you'll be able to eat a variety of delicious foods, create amazing dishes that taste too good to be true, and best of all… you'll see and feel the difference in your body, and in the mirror.

Because let’s face it… feeling good in our clothes or when we look in the mirror is #goals.

Looking in the mirror at our body stark naked and cringing wondering when you’re going to lose weight is a thing of the past!

You’re doing the thing! You’re making changes that will help you feel better, look better and love what you’re seeing!

With the Keto Freedom 14-Day Detox I will guide you through the first 14 days of your journey.

Because the first 14 days can be a bit rough. The keto flu will try to knock you down, but I won’t let that happen (we’re an email away and can help you figure it out).

You’re body is going to go through some changes, some withdrawals and that’s why I want to be there for you.

I will guide you on the journey so you know:

  • How to combat things like the dreaded keto flu (ain’t no one got time for that mess)
  • What to do when you think you’re eating enough, but you’re still hungry (hint: a lot of people aren’t eating as much as they think)
  • When to troubleshoot if you’re not seeing weight loss (there are easy ways to figure this out… we’re an email away)
  • I help you understand what to expect and what not to expect (because false hope isn’t cool)
  • We set realistic expectations so you’re not left upset or angry at the end of the 14-days (you’ll continue and keep seeing amazing results)
  • I show you how to move on after your detox is over (not ready to stop? Don’t worry you don’t have to! Or, you can transition back.. Either way is totally up to you)

Here's what you'll get

You’ll have access to over 20 recipes that won’t feel like diet food, a 40+ page document that will answer just about any question you have, a two week meal plan out AND a shopping list for each of those weeks.

This might seem overwhelming, but I promise all of this is to make your life as easy as possible and we’re here to support you. The meals were designed in a way to be so easy a 13 year old could cook them.

You can be confident starting the keto diet that you’ll be eating good food, you’ll lose weight and feel amazing.

  • Save time by getting a pre-made keto meal plan to get started.
  • Get your shopping list sent to you along with yummy recipes.
  • Relax knowing the meals are easy and family friendly!

That's right, you'll love this easy to use meal plan! Your meals are planned, the recipes are delicious, and what's more important? The recipes are easy and don't require tons of excess ingredients!!

Not to mention your family will LOVE them too!

Place your order before March 15th and use code TWENTY for 20% off your order.

This offer will expire on March 15th and then you won't be able to purchase the Keto Freedom 14-Day Detox in this form or for this cheap anymore.

Don’t believe me? Just check out what Laurie has to say:

I just wanted to tell you I’ve been following your advice except I cut way back on carbs at the beginning. I had a headache for a few days, but am doing great. I am using Chronometer and love it! I love 7 pounds last week – so pleased! Thank you for all you are doing to help people gain better health!

Keto is life changing, amazing and really simple

The Keto Freedom 14-Day Detox will show you just how simple life can be when you adopt a keto lifestyle and make changes to your diet in a way that is sustainable and long lasting.

Are you ready to create easy and delicious meals that help you burn fat, have more energy and give you back your life?

See you on the inside!

Place your order before March 15th and use code TWENTY for 20% off your order.

This offer will expire on March 15th and then you won't be able to purchase the Keto Freedom 14-Day Detox in this form or for this cheap anymore.


You bet your bottom you can! It comes down to discipline and knowledge. Once you know how to eat keto you can definitely lose weight and feel great 🙂

This can happen for a number of reasons…

  • you aren't tracking your food intake
  • you aren't sure how many carbs you're eating
  • maybe you're eating foods that are hiding carbs
  • or, you have hormone issues, adrenal issues, cortisol issues…
  • or, something else that might be interfering with your weight loss goals

The keto flu is where you’ll start noticing flu like symptoms due to carb withdrawal. When you decrease the amount of carbs you’re eating your body will start shedding water weight from your fat cells and muscles. This water can contain toxins and when they leave your body it can cause flu like symptoms. It can also be caused by your body flushing out vitamins and minerals too. But, it’s not long lasting and you can slow the process by not cutting your carb intake drastically (think decreasing your normal intake by 10g each day rather than cutting back to 20g net carbs tomorrow).

It really and truly depends on your lifestyle before you adopt a keto diet. If you were low carb then you’ll likely not see many of these side effects, but if you were a high carb eater then you could see all of these.

  • Fatigue.
  • Headache.
  • Irritability.
  • Difficulty focusing (“brain fog”)
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Dizziness.
  • Sugar cravings.
  • Nausea.

Typically speaking, the keto flu can last anywhere from 3-7 days. If you start cutting down your carb level before starting the detox you can eliminate getting the flu all together.

A safe bet is 20-50 grams of carbs and will really depend on your lifestyle, exercise per week, hormonal issues and general desire for weight loss.

Most people stick with 20 grams as a goal because it allows the body to get into ketosis faster.

Depending on how far over the 20 gram mark you go a few things could happen:

  • the first being nothing… some people can handle more carbs
  • it could kick you out of ketosis
  • you might gain weight if it's a lot of carbs

But, really, the only way to know is if you're using something like a Blood Ketone Monitor to help track.

There’s a big misconception out there that you can’t eat any carbs. This is a low carb diet NOT a no carb diet. There’s a difference.

Yes, you can still eat carbs, but you’ll be eating things like: lettuce, zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, broccoli rabe, cabbage, greens, kale, spinach, etc.

But, in some instances, you can even have things like: sweet potato, butternut squash, spaghetti squash (this is a bit of my twist and a lot of folks will tell you NEVER to eat these things). I suggest adding these ONLY when necessary (like for carb-ups – which you can read about here).

I can't guarantee it will help you, because it really depends on if you ACTUALLY use the program.

If you use it, then yes, it will help you.

If you don't and try to figure things out on your own, then no, it won't.

Keto has been the biggest key to finally getting my health back! I spent years suffering from depression, weight gain, fatigue, joint pain, and brain fog with no hope from my doctors. They had decided it was fibromyalgia and wanted to put me on a prescription for an anti-depressant, but I know that wasn't the answer. I finally discovered several large, scary, potentially cancerous nodules on my thyroid. (One was 4 cm large which made it moderately suspicious for cancer, and the other was 3 cm which made it mildly suspicious). The biopsies were inconclusive and again - the doctors had no answers for me. I knew I had to do something to heal myself and my thyroid. Finally I found Brianna and her program! Keto and the other lifestyle changes that Brianna recommended not only made me feel better, but completely shrank my nodules! Six months later we repeated the ultrasounds and the large nodule was "no longer visible" and the smaller one was only 4 mm(!!) large! I've lost weight, am no longer in pain, I have the energy to outlast my Marine Corps husband and our toddler and finally feel "tuned in" to what my body needs to thrive. Brianna has truly been a Godsend!

It's Time To Make Changes!

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