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Karen CrossFit Workout (Plus Scaling)

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CrossFit benchmark workouts such as the Karen CrossFit workout are a great way to test your athletic endurance and strength.

Karen CrossFit Workout

For Time:
150 Wall Ball Shots (20# men/ 14# women)

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Scaling Options for Karen

If you have knee troubles and want to give the Karen WOD a shot you can substitute the squats for just a dip. So, you’d bend the knees every so slightly before driving the wall ball up.

Another way to scale this workout is to cut back on the number of repetitions in the workout.

For beginners, I would drop the number of repetitions down to 100 or even 75.

Tips for Practicing Karen

  • Break up the workout into as many sets as you need
  • Don’t rest longer than 10 seconds
  • If you break up the workout into sets, make sure the number you choose you’re able to do unbroken
  • Keep a positive attitude… this workout is fast and furious

What are good times for the Karen CrossFit Workout?

For this task-oriented workout try to aim for completing the workout in under 15 minutes. Break the 150 wall balls up into as many sets as you need to complete the workout as fast as you can. 

The elite athletes complete this in roughly 5 minutes or less. Aim to get closer and closer to a sub 5 minute time each time this workout comes out of your hopper.

Try These Workouts After Karen

Best Warm-Up For the Karen CrossFit Workout?

Anything that will warm up your hips and your shoulders would be a great warm-up for this workout.

Make sure the muscles in your hips, arms, shoulder, and hip flexors are really warm so you go into this workout well prepared.

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