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How to Start Working Out From Home (For Beginners)

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With all that’s going on right now, people are looking for ways to get in shape or at least lose the weight they’ve gained over the last few months. Learning how to start working out is a great way to tone the body and shed unwanted pounds.

It can be intimidating when you’re looking up how to start working out, whether from home or at a gym, especially right now. 

Starting to workout doesn’t have to be difficult, and you don’t need tons of equipment either. You seriously could get started with your body and a mat or even just carpet.

People will tell you that you need tons of equipment, but for the average person, that’s not true.

There are tons of folks out there that get fit and lose weight on bodyweight exercises alone. As you lose weight, you will adjust how you’re doing the workouts. It’s that simple.

How to Start Working Out

The most basic response to this should be: Just start.

But, in all seriousness, there are a few things to consider that will make it easier to put together a plan for how to start working out at home.

You need to know:

  1. What equipment you need or have on hand
  2. How much space do you need or have
  3. How much time do you have
  4. When the best time for you is
  5. When you’re going to start

That’s roughly the basic questions you should answer when thinking about starting to workout at home.

You could try to figure out what sort of workout plan you should follow, but for right now this is ok.

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Do You Need Equipment?

No… and yes. It depends on what you want to achieve or if you have intentions that would require equipment.

For instance, you could aim to workout with your bodyweight forever, but you might plateau and eventually need some free weights to keep going.

At that point, you’d want to invest in some dumbbells, kettlebells, or something like that.

Initially, though, you would likely want:

  • a workout mat
  • an exercise ball

If your kids have a soccer ball that would work out ok for leg exercises or anything that might need a ball… sometimes having a bigger one would be handy, but not absolutely necessary.

How Much Space Do You Need?

I would say 4 feet by 7 feet is a good enough amount. 

Basically, you want to be able to lay down on the ground and not hit anything. If you can lay down on the ground, roll to the side with your knee out (as if you were stretching your back) and not hit anything then I think you’re good.

Outside works or your living room should work. Your couch could even be a prop ;).

Many people even have found working out in a hotel being possible, so it’s all possible.

How Much Time Do You Have?

You can find workouts that are 4 minutes long and go all the way up to an hour and a half.

Ideally, you’ll want to workout for 30-45 minutes for each workout day.

Technically, you can do a bunch of Tabata style workouts (the 4-minute kind), but those are more accessory workouts. Or, to put it better, they’re for expending a lot of energy over a short amount of time.

You won’t build muscle with those types of workouts.

Aim to workout for at least 30 minutes or more each workout. 

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Best Time for You?

You get to decide when you’ll workout each day. It’s completely up to you!

Some folks are morning people and love working out in the morning. It sets the tone for the day, gets it out of the way, and they feel great!

Then, some folks like working out mid-morning. This allows them to do whatever they need in the morning to feel accomplished in the house, and then knock out their workout before continuing with their daily chores/work.

Lastly, some folks enjoy working out in the afternoon. Maybe rounding out their day before they sit down to eat dinner and then relaxing.

I’ve been each of these types of people. Right, now I’m a mid-morning workout person.

When Are You Going to Start?

Pick a start date. Decide when you’re starting your workout plan so that you can plan your workouts accordingly.

Don’t pick a date too far out because that will allow you enough time to second guess and decide against it.

But, don’t choose to start tomorrow unless you have a plan laid out. Set yourself up for success.

Are Gyms Necessary?

Nope! Plenty of folks absolutely crush their goals working out from home!

Gyms are great if you’re wanting to do a Bodybuilding Competition or a Physique Competition or even a Powerlifting Competition.

But, you absolutely can get fit in the comfort of your home without a ton of equipment :).

Best Exercises For Starting to Workout?

When you’re just starting out the best exercises are ones that use multiple muscles at one time.

Things like:

  1. Pushups
  2. Squats
  3. Push Press
  4. Jump Rope
  5. Burpee
  6. Deadlift
  7. Lunges
  8. Kettlebell Swings

Those would get you really far on your home workout plan. It’s more or less figuring out how to string them together.

Make Your Plan, Set Your Date, Get Started 

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