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How to Start Freelance Writing With Elna Cain

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 Today, I have the wonderful opportunity to bring you an interview I had with Elna Cain from and all about how to start freelance writing and making your first 1k!

She created a program that teaches you how to go from newbie to full-fledged freelance writing and helps you make your first 1k (or second, third, and beyond).

I first found Elna back in 2016 when I was starting out in the blogging realm, but I had a different blog at the time where I was focusing on moms working from home. Elna was writing her blog Twins Mommy and I fell in love with the blog. She was so helpful and provided amazing content.

I devoured every article she wrote.

Then I found out she had a freelance writing course and knew I had to check it out. I love to write, but never really knew how to turn that into an income. Thankfully this course shows you exactly how!

Write Your Way to Your First 1k by Elna Cain is the perfect course for anyone wanting to learn how to become a freelance writer.

She’s had multiple students go through her course and become full-time freelance writers in as little as three months.

Just imagine that! The ability to create a full-time income, writing posts for companies, and never having to leave your house.

No, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme and it does require work. With the right people helping you and the right information you can help.

How To Make Your First 1k As A Brand New Freelancer

Rather than keep chatting away about how awesome freelance writing can be, I’m going to let Elna explain her experience to you and her amazing course!

1. When did you decide to become a freelance writer? How long have you been a freelance writer?

In the fall of 2014, I decided to become a freelance writer. As a mom with twins I, couldn’t leave them or put them in daycare. Call it a helicopter mom, but I couldn’t imagine being away from my little babies.

It was at that time that I was exploring ways to make money from home. I discovered I could be a virtual assistant and freelance writer.

Since I love to write, I felt freelance writing would be a great thing for me. And it has!

Check out her course here. You’ll learn everything you need to know about starting a freelance writing career and where to find clients.

2. What made you decide to start your course Write Your Way to Your First 1k?

I decided to create a course for aspiring writers after a year of being a freelance writer. Why? Because I wanted to help other new writers find the right way to become successful writers. I made a whole bunch of mistakes as a new writer and that slowed down my success. I didn’t want that to happen to others interested in this business.

I recently re-vamped my course this year based on the new strategies and new things I learned as a professional writer.

I’ve had over 600 writers take the course and many have made their first $1k and are now making a living as a writer.

3. What are the most common struggles that you see in freelance writing?

The biggest struggle is finding profitable clients. For many new writers, they have no idea where to find freelance writing jobs that are recurring, high-paying and can help them make a living as a freelancer.

Many start off on Upwork and don’t know how to go from there. Still, the majority start on content mills – that was my first mistake. These sites pay very little for bulk content and don’t value writing at all.

Knowing how to find profitable clients, the best job boards, how to cold pitch or use social media is a struggle for a lot of new writers that don’t know anything.

4. Does your course address how to overcome these obstacles?

Yes. I created my course with the intention of helping writers build their own writer platform. Instead of using Upwork’s platform to find clients, they make their own. But I also teach them where to find profitable clients. From cold pitching to using social media to unlikely ways to land a gig.

My course also helps you with writing for your clients so that you can show your value as a writer. And finally, it goes into the business by showing you how to invoice your clients or how to submit your work.

Check out her course here. She teaches you everything you might have questions about, are unsure of and more about starting a freelance writing career and where to find clients.

5. Roughly how long do you think it would take someone to achieve that first 1k?

That is up to the writer, their niche, their persistence, writing skill, the time and their marketing ability. My course gives you those tools to help you achieve your first $1k. Some replace their full-time within 3 months or less, while others achieve their first $1k.

6. As a WAHM do you find you have enough time to write and be mom, wife, and woman?

It’s a challenge for sure! I do have other blogs and other diversified income that takes a lot of time for sure. I try to be a mom during the day and be a freelance writer at night. I answer email during the day, but for the most part, I’m painting or running to the park or bike riding

7. What is your biggest tip for managing your time as a mom and freelancer?

For me, the biggest time is to make time for your business. Block time in your week to pitching and writing. Also, try to find clients that are flexible with deadlines. All my clients give me a month or more or don’t have a deadline for me and that makes it easy to write for my clients and grow my brand as a blogger.

8. Who would you say this course isn’t for?

This course isn’t for those interested in journalistic writing or magazine writing. While I do have students that are journalists and are writing for magazines, my course helps you to write for small businesses.

This course isn’t for people who want to make money online. It’s not a get rich quick course. It’s a highly comprehensive course.

I give you a whole business and help you market it!

Check out her course here. You’ll learn everything you need to know about starting a freelance writing career and where to find clients.

Write Your Way to Your First $1k has been crazy amazing for me so far, and I can’t wait to provide Elna with yet another testimonial for the course!

If you decide to take her course too, please let me know so we can support each other. I’d be more than happy to connect 1-1 with people and exchange ideas for finding our niche, clients, and supporting our families together. Elna has her amazing Facebook group also.

Did you know that doing freelance work like freelance writing is a great way to add extra income to your bottom line so you can pay off debt faster? Learn how to pay off debt even if you’re terrible with money!

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