Honest Review of Great Low Carb Bread Company

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This post is brought to you by Great Low Carb Bread Company, they sent me products to try, but all thoughts and words are my own.

Starting the keto diet can be daunting with all the rules and can and cannot’s that go along with the diet.

The most frustrating thing is finding replacements for things you’re used to eating (like bread and noodles). And, there are companies out there that are trying to fill that gap to make it easier to swap to this amazing diet.

Now, not all of these companies’ products are amazing, and some say they’re amazing while also falling flat on their face.

I was so excited to get to receive and try out a few products from Great Low Carb Bread Company because… well, I love bagels and I love homemade chicken noodle soup. 

Recently, I made some chicken broth in my Ninja Foodie that I later turned into chicken noodle soup. It turned out ok.

chicken noodle soup with great low carb bread company noodles

My Honest Review of Great Low Carb Bread Company Products

The wonderful people at Great Low Carb Bread Company sent me a box of goodies to try so that I could share my thoughts with you, my reader. 

Now, I must preface this by saying that the products that Great Low Carb Bread Company creates are not all gluten-free, and that really bummed me out once I realized that. I was informed that they do have gluten-free products!

I intend to try those next.

I’m not sure how I missed that part honestly, but, once the products arrived I noticed they listed “gluten” as an ingredient and I do have a pretty decent gluten sensitivity.

This post has been a while in the making as I’ve been spacing out eating things so as not to really overwhelm my body. 

Note: The review of these products are based on taste, texture, and overall thoughts on them as products. And, they do not reflect any negative effects of the gluten eaten and also reflect my families thoughts as well.

The Bread

Eh… I would say this bread would make a really great crouton. 

See Image Below 👇🏻

This bread was pretty dry… and, by pretty, I mean really dry.

I toasted it up and then sliced it into sticks to use in a zucchini dip (recipe coming).

With that said, I can’t say that I would purchase this for my family. There just wasn’t a great texture to it in my opinion.

IF you are seriously struggling to replace your bread and can’t hack eating an almond flour bread replica then I would say give this a shot.

The Bagel

The thing I loved the most was probably the bagel… It was also the thing I was most disappointed in getting. ( 👋🏻  hey, gluten-sensitivity, I’m looking at you…)

The bagel was also seriously dry, but the cream cheese on top more than made up for that in my opinion.

I think this would be amazing with some smoked salmon and other delicious toppings that you turn into a sandwich (commence drooling).

This product really made me miss bagels something fierce and I’m crying inside that I can’t eat it due to my gluten sensitivity.

You can go here to find their bagels.


These were probably my least favorite out of all the products.

They just didn’t hold up well in the soup and more disintegrated when they were cooked.

To prove how bad it was… My kids asked me, “Mom, where are the noodles?”

The kids didn’t even realize they were noodles. They just thought it was another piece of chicken in the bowl.

great low carb bread company noodles

Note: I don’t have images for the last two items… I forgot to take a photo before we scarfed them down  🤦🏻‍♀️  🤦🏻‍♂️  Please forgive us!


This was tasty, but again, it was really dry.

If you can get past the fact that most of these products are dry… then, you’re golden really.

I even gave a nibble to a friend and she was like, “Where’s the flavor? It’s like a cake without a good chocolate taste.” So, it’s not just my feelings there.

I’ve made some pretty stellar keto brownies before, but maybe mass-producing brownies is a bit more difficult?

Oatmeal Cookie

This thing was honestly really good. A little dry, but I loved it.

I plan on ordering a good bit of stock of these for my children to snack on.

While they are dry, I think if you were to dunk the cookies in some milk it would be phenomenal. 

Overall Thoughts of Great Low Carb Bread Company

Overall, the products aren’t horrible.

I really tried to be as objective as I could considering I have a gluten sensitivity. My family doesn’t eat keto as I do, but they do eat what I cook and if it’s a full keto dish then they eat it.

So, the noodles were the biggest letdown of the family. My husband tasted the oatmeal cookie and the brownie and wasn’t a fan of how dry they were.

The kids loved the oatmeal cookie flavor so I’ll be getting more of those for them. I’m not sure about the brownie yet. Neither kid really loved them.

If you’re on the struggle bus and are looking for a source that would be a good choice then I would recommend them for sure (and I do recommend them) because their ingredients are great.

They have a ton of other products too. Be sure to check them out here.

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