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Goat Pregnancy Calculator: What You Need to Know

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Your goat is pregnant, now what? If you know when your goat was bred you can use the Goat Pregnancy Calculator below to get an approximate date that she should kid!

Kidding time is one of the best times of owning goats!

You’ll have little baby goats running around, playing and you’ll be able to cuddle them. But, not knowing when to start looking for your doe to kid can be really stressful.

We bought two goats and were told an “approximate” date of when we should look for them to kid and that approximation was off by a month or more. I was devastated at first thinking we wouldn’t be having babies.

Thank GOODNESS both of the does had their kids without any issues. 

How can you prevent the stress that I had?

Goat Pregnancy Calculator

The best way to prevent your stress is by monitoring breeding times OR having your buck with your does for a specified period of time.

If you limit the amount of time your buck is with your does down to a week or max of two weeks you will be able to have a shorter window to “guess” when your doe should be kidding.

This is the most ideal situation, but the ideal situation doesn’t always happen. So, the next best thing is finding your range.

Use the goat gestation calculated below to figure out your goat’s kidding window. You can enter the first day your buck was with your does and then enter the last possible day he was with your does and use the kidding dates as your window of possible kidding time.

Be sure to choose whether your goats are Standard Breed or one of the Minature Breeds so you have an accurate estimation based on their typical gestation periods.

Gestation Calculator (print)
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Kidding Date
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