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Goat Barn Plans and Shelter Ideas

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Looking for goat barn plans and ideas for your farm? Here are a few we’ve considered adding to our own goat farm.

Before bringing home goats it is important to have your goat barn plans or shelter in place. 

Goats need a draft-free area in winter and a place to get out of the elements if it’s raining or storming. Don’t be like us and try to build them a goat shelter the same day you bring them home.

It’s horrible, it tends to not look as great as it could, and hastily built shelters might not hold up to some storms.

What Can You Use to Build

You can use anything from pallets to tin to even cattle panels with a tarp. It really does depend on how extravagant you want to get with your goat barn plans.

I’ve seen folks build an immaculate goat barn that also has kidding stalls, a milking parlor, and a hay storage area.

On the flip side, I’ve seen people zip tie a cattle panel to some t-posts and throw a tarp or something over the top to block the wind and rain.

Goat Barn Plans and Shelter Ideas

We decided to go the route of using pallets because my husband is able to rummage through a ginormous pile of pallets at work and take whatever he needs. Not all of them are in great shape so he really does have to dig.

But, so far the huts we built are holding up and they’re fairly draft-free and keep them dry.

I wanted to show you the multitude of different options you could choose from when it comes to creating/building a goat barn.

These goat barn plans are great to get your creative juices flowing or you can simply choose from one of these options to mimic for your own goat farm.

Videos You Can Watch

Everyone loves a good "how-to" video and some folks just like being able to see things. These videos share how folks have put together their goat barn/shelters so you can see how it was done.

Article Style Goat Plans

Rather than watching a video, these articles show how to build a goat barn/shelter. I'll be adding to this list as I find things that I think are cool or useful to share.

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