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Fight Gone Bad CrossFit Workout (Plus Scaling)

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CrossFit benchmark workouts such as the Fight Gone Bad CrossFit workout are a great way to test your athletic endurance and strength.

Want to give Fight Gone Bad a shot and see where you stand?

Whether you’re a CrossFit newbie or an avid CrossFitter, it’s always nice to test where you’re at physically.

Tips for Practicing Fight Gone Bad

Fight Gone Bad CrossFit Workout

3 Rounds For Total Reps in 17 Minutes
1 minute Wall Ball Shots (20/14 lb)
1 minute Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (75/55 lb)
1 minute Box Jumps (20 in)
1 minute Push Press (75/55 lb)
1 minute Row (calories)
1 minute Rest

Scaling Options for Fight Gone Bad

If you need to scale this workout, aim to scale the weight and not the time/interval pattern.

Instead of a 20/14 lb ball, drop to a 10 or 6 lb ball. Drop the weight on the deadlifts and push-press. And, last drop the height on the box jumps.

What are good times or a good score for the Fight Gone Bad CrossFit Workout?

Scoring is done based on the total number of reps completed for the entire workout.

A good beginner score is 150+ reps and the elites can get somewhere near 500+ reps in the workout.

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