What to Do If You Cheated on Keto?

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At the beginning of October 2017, I started my journey with my keto journey. I was pulled in by the allure of weight loss, improved brain function, and energy.

But, I cheated on keto many, many times during that year’s time frame.

I’d go keto for a month or two and then take a week’s break. Eat keto for 4 months, then take a break. I didn’t consider myself cheating.

But, others would tell me that if I cheated on keto and I wouldn’t get the full benefits.

But, when you embrace the keto lifestyle for FOUR months and you don’t really see any results besides losing 5 pounds it’s kind of depressing.

I was having a hard time sticking with it long-term. I missed my favorite foods.

So… I would take breaks and evaluate what I was doing.

Should You Try a Keto Diet?

Whether you try a keto diet or not is completely up to you. Some people can withstand going keto and some are better with carbs.

For instance, my husband BURNS through food like crazy.

He was eating keto with me for about two months and he would literally eat over 4000 calories a day and STILL be hungry.

Can you even imagine that?

In his case, eating carbs is what fills him up and keeps him from being ravenous. Some people said that his hunger would calm down, but he was tired of struggling to get full every day.

The biggest fat bomb in the world wasn’t enough to keep him full.

He probably could have eaten more protein and have felt full, but he was done.

Is it bad to go in and out of ketosis?

When I started keto I wanted it to be this miracle. The one thing that would finally allow me to shed this stupid weight that my body seems to never want to get rid of.

I felt stuck.

I wondered if it was bad to just cycle in and out of ketosis. And, honestly, I am not sure. 

Some folks call this a cyclical ketogenic diet… and some people have met their weight loss goals.

Currently, there are no studies to say whether it will have negative influences on the body (*).

It could hinder your digestion, but it also might not. It likely could increase brain fog and any weight you’ve lost you might regain in water weight.

Since no long-term studies have been done, most recommend choosing a lifestyle and sticking with it long-term to see how it works.

Also, you may never reach or maintain ketosis or what’s considered “keto” ketone levels.

Not only that but if your carb cravings are bad, you might want to avoid keto cycling.

Keto Isn’t For Everyone

The ketogenic diet really is a great way to lose weight and feel great. I’m in a group with quite a few people who refuse to go back to a “normal” diet because if they eat carbs they suddenly feel like crap.

Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for me to fall off the keto train every now and then and eat some carbs. When I eat carbs I don’t suddenly feel crappy.

I don’t get a headache, I don’t bloat, I don’t get a stomach ache… None of that.

It made me wonder if a keto diet is even right for everyone or if maybe just a low-carb diet would be fine for me. There’s a bit of a difference between low-carb and keto though.

Would I be picked on if I ditched keto?

Honestly, no one’s opinion of you should ever be taken into consideration when it comes to your health.

If you’re feeling great on Keto then, by all means, keep on the keto train!

How to Get Back Into Ketosis After You Cheated On Keto

If you’re finding yourself falling off track easily then these steps will help you ease back into your diet without much fuss.

The best way not to have to get back into ketosis is to not fall out of it in the first place.

1 Start slow

Nine times out of ten people fall off because they’re restricting too much too soon.

Not everyone can handle a cold turkey approach and that is ok!

Go slowly and back down your carbs at a rate that is good for you.

2 Make sure you’re enough drinking water

If you’re not drinking enough water during the day then it’s possible your body is retaining water.

The keto flu will likely hit as your body starts to go back into ketosis.

Make sure you drink at least half your body weight in ounces of water.

Example: 160 pounds would mean 80 ounces of water every day

3 Aim to eat the bulk of your carbs at supper time

Try to eat the majority of your carb count at night with your family.

This is where a lot of people struggle because if their family isn’t eating keto then there is bound to be non-keto-friendly food on the table.

Take a “keto until supper” approach and move from there into full keto.

4 Slowly cut back your carbs during the day

If you’re still eating some non-keto carbs during the day then now is the time to start shaving those back.

Try to eat keto-friendly carb sources at breakfast and lunch as this will drastically reduce your overall carb intake.

The net carbs are what you’re looking at keeping low. Some foods are high carb but have a low net carb. 

5 Eventually, shave off the carbs at night

Once you’ve cut back your carbs during the daytime you can shift to cutting back the high-carb food at night.

Try transitioning to lower carb sources and making sure there’s plenty on the table so you’re not feeling left out.

When swapping out your carbs remember to increase your fat intake with healthy fats.

6 Consider trying intermittent fasting

If all else fails, you might be a good candidate for intermittent fasting!

Most folks do it for health reasons or medical reasons, but weight loss is another reason people will try intermittent fasting.

A lot of times, many people do really well with intermittent fasting and low carb as an option for going keto.

Might be a good idea to give it a shot. You’ll be depleting your glycogen stores and lowering your blood sugar levels at the same time.

Can you cheat on Keto and still lose weight?

Cheating on keto isn’t the end of the world…

Whether you’re using carbs as an energy source or keeping your grams of carbs really low, either way, you can lose weight.

Weight loss is really about eating less than your body burns during a single day.

If your activity levels are high, and you make good food choices then you won’t lose your hard work.

You just have to understand that you’ll retain water weight if you have a keto cheat day.

Will one cheat day ruin my weight loss progress?

Personally, I don’t think it will ruin your progress, but it also depends on what you consider lost progress.

If you hop on the scale the next day after your cheat meal and see the weight gain and fall to the ground crying because your weight increased, then yeah it will happen.

Or, if you expect it to go up due to water retention from carbs, and you know it will drop back off then no you won’t ruin your progress.

Any time you increase the number of carbs you intake while eating keto you will run the risk of retaining water weight from the carbs.

If you go back to eating a low-carb diet the water weight gained will slough off.

Will a 24 hour fast put me in ketosis?

Technically, yes, it will put you into a state of ketosis.27

But, this is from you fasting rather than your body actually being in ketosis.

To maintain being in a state of ketosis after the fast you’ll have to keep your carb levels really low.

I’ve written an article about getting into ketosis fast.

 Don’t forget to pin this for later!

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