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I Cheated On Keto

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At the beginning of October 2017, I started my journey and dabbling with the ketogenic diet. I was pulled in by the allure of weight loss, improved brain function, and energy. But, I cheated on keto many, many times during that year time frame.

I'd go keto for a month or two and then take a week break. Eat keto for 4 months, then take a break. I didn't consider myself cheating. But, others would tell me I cheated on keto and that I wouldn't get the full benefits if I kept eating carbs.

But, when you're on a keto diet for FOUR months and you don't really see any results besides losing 5 pounds it's kind of depressing.

You start to think, “Am I doing something wrong?”

Or, “Why me? I'm doing all things right.”

Are You Doing Keto Right?

Basically, the thing that makes keto work so great is the fact that people are tracking what they eat so seriously and they're not “guessing” at how much they eat.

If you know you can only eat 20 grams of carbs per day, then by golly you better make sure you don't eat more than that or you will blow your count.

By tracking your food intake that closely and sticking to a calorie count that's set for you to lose weight it's only natural that you do lose weight.

This is what makes it successful, but if you're not tracking then how do you really know how many carbs you're eating?

Not sure if a Keto diet is something you want to try? Read about the keto diet before making your decision.

Which is why most macro tracking isn't that successful in providing weight loss benefits. People will guesstimate how much they're actually eating and put that in their macro tracking device.

When you guess at how much of a particular food you are eating you're almost bound to be off track.

So, are you doing keto right?

Should You Try a Keto Diet?

Whether you try a keto diet or not is completely up to you. Some people can withstand going keto and some are better with carbs.

For instance, my husband BURNS through food like crazy. He was eating keto with me for about two months and he would literally eat over 4000 calories a day and STILL be hungry.

Can you even imagine that?

In his case, eating carbs is what fills him up and keeps him from being ravenous. Some people might say that his hunger would have calmed down, but he was tired of struggling to get full every day.

And, one can only eat so much fat without feeling like a grease ball.

I Cheated On Keto and Here's a Little Bit Why

When I started keto I wanted it to be this miracle. The one thing that would finally allow me to shed this stupid weight that my body seems to never want to get rid of.

Here's the thing though…

It's not a miracle. You have to work at it. You actually need to initially track all the food you eat.

Do you realize how hard that is for someone that doesn't really think about food all that much OR someone who never uses recipes or exact measurements?

Yeah… it's kinda rough. I don't really measure when I make food, and most food I make is homemade. This means I have to input everything in a specific recipe maker and pray that next time I make the dish that I use the same shit to make it.

Keto Isn't For Everyone

Now, with all that griping out of the way. The ketogenic diet really is a great way to lose weight and feel great. I'm in a group with quite a few people who refuse to go back to a “normal” diet because if they eat carbs they suddenly feel like crap.

Maybe that's why it's so easy for me to fall off the keto train every now and then and eat some carbs. When I eat carbs I don't suddenly feel crappy.

I don't get a headache, I don't bloat, I don't get a stomach ache… None of that.

It made me wonder if a keto diet is even right for everyone or if maybe just a low-carb diet would be fine for me. There's a bit of a difference between low-carb and keto though.

Would I be picked on if I ditched keto?

Honestly, no one's opinion of you should ever be taken into consideration when it comes to your health. If you're feeling great on Keto then, by all means, keep on the keto train!

Only you can decide if keto is right for you or not.

Why I Cheated On the Keto Diet

Alrighty then! Let's get to the meat and…. cauliflower potatoes?

1 I.Missed.Carbs.

This one is easy. I really missed carbs.

I love all things sweet potato, pumpkin, rice, enchiladas, Mexican, Asian, and yeah… I just missed my favorite dishes.

So, when I cheat, I really go all out before diving back into keto.

2 If I didn't eat on time I got nauseous

There was a time where if I didn't eat I would get REALLY nauseous and it would be like all day even after I ate. Which sucked because everyone kept saying if they didn't eat or forgot to eat they were good.

Yet, if I forgot to eat I'd get nauseous.

I still haven't figured this one out yet.

3 Had to constantly track everything… not sustainable for me

I hate tracking stuff. Honestly, I think it blows. But, with keto and if you want to get into ketosis… you have to track.

Going forward the only thing I'm going to be mindful of will be the number of carbs in the items I'm eating. That's it.

I think it will be easier. I'm going to call it Keto for the Intuitive Eater (don't worry I'll write about it).

4 Temptations were high when the family is full on carb eaters

My husband loves his carbs… he has to have carbs. He tried keto and was ravenous 24-7.

It was horrible. He was like a madman in the kitchen trying to eat everything he could get his hands on.

After two months of that I pardoned him from the keto diet and now he's doing way better and eating wayyyyyy less.

My pocketbook thanks him for getting off keto too.

5 Everyone's body is completely different

Some people can really handle and process carbs efficiently. I don't think it's right to make those folks give up foods that are healthy because someone said: “keto is amazing and you should do it because your body can run on fat.”

Would that be wrong? I don't care honestly haha.

If you can handle carbs and you feel great, then you do you boo. If you eat carbs and bloat like a whale (or feel like you do) then maybe you should try Keto.

6 I started lifting weights

I felt really depleted when I started lifting weights. I was lacking energy really bad and trying to get through a workout was horrendous.

I tried doing a Targeted Keto Diet, but that didn't work really. I was eating all my carbs before my workout and then was left with very little wiggle room for any other meal.

So, I just upped my carb intake some (I think around 75g carbs) and felt much better.

Is that the case for everyone? I'm not sure, but I know it was for me.

7 Meh, why not?

It's a lifestyle and not something I feel has to be 100% strict honestly. Others will definitely say I'm wrong in this thinking, but that's them.

If you feel like adding extra carbs every so often is wrong or bad… then don't do it. It's your life and you get to make all the choices.

But, since this is a lifestyle choice and not some quick fix thing I think it's ok to have some extra carbs every now and then.

Do You Still Want to Try a Keto Diet?

If you think a keto diet might before you then I would suggest you sign up for my Is Keto Right for You challenge. Just click that link and you can sign right up.

In this challenge, I take you through 7 days of trying a Keto Diet. This will allow you to make a decision to see if you'd like to continue with our not. I also have an eBook where I share my entire process for adopting a keto diet. Check that out here.

If you do try a keto diet I would suggest you give it at least two months before making a decision to quit. The first month is a big adjustment period for your body and the second month is when you start to feel the differences.

Some people feel the difference after the first week or two, but to be on the safe side I always recommend at least two months.

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