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Best Solar Barn Lights for Your Barn

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If you don’t have electricity to your barn nighttime and early morning can be problematic. But, installing a solar barn light might help make things a bit easier!

We recently built our goats a small goat barn so they could get out of the wind and weather (spoiler alert: they’d prefer their shanties over their palace we built). But, we didn’t install windows – yet.

It’s dark… and I mean dark in that barn. Even during the day time.

So, one thing I looked into was running electricity to the barn, but that would require trenching a line from our house to the barn.

Then, I looked into building solar panels across the top of the barn to have electricity.

Thankfully, some wonderful person in a goat Facebook group mentioned a solar light she uses and I started researching!

light on a barn powered by solar

Best Solar Lights for Your Barn

Running a complete solar setup to a barn would likely prove to be expensive, but if you’re just wanting to shed light on things you’re doing then these solar barn light options are actually really great.

  1. They’re not overly complicated to setup.
  2. They aren’t too expensive.
  3. The lights are bright enough to light up the area you’re working in.
  4. You don’t have to run electricity to your barn.

Sounds like a win-win to me. I’m all for easy to use and quick to setup.

Best Choice

This is the one we purchased for our barn and we are likely going to be ordering more for our big barn.

It's super bright and the solar panel will fit perfectly on the roof of the barn to get maximum light each day to power it.

This will easily give us time to run power to both barns.

Runners Up

This is another solar barn light I was recommended by goat owners.

They say it's bright and works well for their needs.

Other Great Choices

If neither of these works for you then maybe one of these choices will work!

All of these solar lights have great reviews and folks have had luck lighting their barns.

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