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Best Digital Products for Bloggers

Note: Affiliate links may be used in this post. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through my affiliate link. Read my full disclosure policy here.

Want to make money from home, but not sure how to do it? Here are the top digital products for bloggers that you can make and sell.

Did you know that there are countless bloggers out there right now making money by selling digital products?

You probably knew that if you ever went on Etsy and found a digital pattern for a clothing item or a knitting pattern.

Or, maybe you didn’t know that and this concept is completely new!

No worries, I want to show you just how awesome digital products are and why I think you should create your very own digital product to make money from home.

One of my favorite digital products to create would be eBooks. They’re super simple to make… seriously, just write about something, and bam!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, crafter, jewelry maker, leathermaker, or even a cake maker! You too can create a digital product to sell.

Why Should I Sell Digital Products?

You mean aside from making money?

Well, there are so many reasons really…

Let’s dive into a few…

  • You don’t have to hold products
  • You can share your knowledge with the world
  • Others can promote your products
  • You aren’t tied to a physical place
  • It can sell on autopilot
  • You’ll never run out of product

The list could go on and on… really. There isn’t a downside that I can think of really.

How Can You Sell Your Digital Products

Honestly, you need the product… and a way to sell it.

That’s it.

You can easily accomplish this by using a program like SendOwl (it’s a platform designed for selling digital products) and by having a Pinterest account.

All you have to do is upload the file of your digital product and you can start selling it right away.

SendOwl is only $9/month with no additional fees taken out from the sales you make. Other platforms will take a percentage of your profit… it’s kinda poopy.

Sign up for a SendOwl account here. (And get a 30-day free trial!)

If you want to get snazzy, you can create a website (like this one) to promote your products, blog, and share affiliate products too!

Learn how to set up a blog here: How to Start a Blog in 2020

The Best Digital Products for Bloggers

Ok! Now that we have all that covered let’s dive into what you can make and sell to start filling your bank account!

1. eBooks

So, let’s get started with eBooks… they are one of the easiest digital products to make and sell online.

If you can plan, organize, and write then you can write an eBook.

If you’re a blogger or creator, you can easily write an eBook.

The eBooks that sell the best are typically things that are written as a “how-to” guide or something that provides tons of valuable information to your readers.

2. Online Courses

Another great knowledge-based digital product to sell is online courses.

You can create a course like The Savvy Couple‘s course on starting a blog.

It’s a bit time-consuming at the front end, but it’s something that you can sell on repeat without much effort (unless you need to update it).

You can use Teachable as the platform for creating your course and easily promote via your email list and social media.

3. Stock Photos

Are you snazzy with a DSLR camera?

You could try your hand at creating stock photos.

Check out Haute Stock to see what stock photos are and see if it’s something you’d be able to give it a go.

4. Printables

Basically, these encompass anything you create that can be printed.

  • Workbooks
  • Planners
  • Gift Cards
  • Birthday Cards
  • Wedding Cards
  • Homeschool lessons
  • Artwork
  • and more

If you know how to use Canva, Adobe Illustrator, PicMonkey, or other design software then you can easily create printables to sell.

5. Templates

You can create and sell templates for a variety of uses:

  • Product graphics
  • Media kits
  • Logos
  • Pinterest graphics
  • eBooks
  • Facebook images

Check out Creative Market’s template section to see all the amazing things you can create.

6. WordPress Themes & Plugins

If you’re savvy with code then you might consider creating WordPress Themes or even WordPress Plugins.

My favorite theme creator is Feast Design Co (they created the theme I’m using on this site).

What’s great about creating and selling themes is that you can create once and sell many times over.

It does require upkeep since WordPress is constantly changing, but it should be easy to navigate for a super code whiz!

7. Graphic Design Creations

Are you a creative person? Can you draw or create illustrations?

If you are, maybe consider creating graphic design elements, patterns, textures, or other amazing things like these elements.

8. Patterns

Do you sew, knit, crochet, or anything like this?

If you know how to create patterns based on your creations then you can easily package those to be sold on a website, Etsy, or through SendOwl.

Basically, this kind of thing is something you could create and sell on repeat. Just promote it via Pinterest, an email list, or have friends share about your store!

The Best Digital Product to Sell

If I were starting all over, since this is the second blog I own I technically am, I would start with an ebook as your first product. (hint: this is what I’m going to do)

Once you have created your first digital product, I highly recommend selling it through SendOwl (sign up below) on your blog or website!

If you’re not sure how to use SendOwl, no worries! Check out this video to get started today ;). You might want to speed up the video… the guy talks a bit slow.

You can get a free 30 trial of SendOwl to test it out first!

Creating digital products does not have to be hard, and when done correctly it can be extremely profitable. Good luck and happy selling!

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