Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothie

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Frozen fruit smoothies can be tough on a blender. But, the best blender for frozen fruit smoothies can be found below… you can choose which you’d like to try.

Frozen fruit smoothies not only delight the taste buds with their fruity and delicious flavors, but they are also an alternative to healthy snacks. Especially for health-conscious people, fruit smoothies are a great choice because they are made from healthy fruits and vegetables which help, develop and maintain the condition of our body.

You can make and enjoy frozen fruit smoothies at home if you have all the right ingredients and the best blender to make it happen! Besides fresh fruits and vegetables, your blender should also be suitable for making smoothies. While there are different types and models available, it wouldn’t be hard to find the top picks!

Read this article to learn about some of the best blenders for frozen fruit smoothies on the market right now.

Best Blender for Frozen Fruit Smoothie

Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System (BN801)

If you are looking for a good blender with robust performance, this ninja professional countertop blender is a great choice! One of the reasons it’s considered one of the best blenders for frozen fruit smoothies is that it can process different types of fruit in no time!

Thanks to its rated power of more than 1400 peak watts and its total crush technology. It can easily crush fruit and ice cubes so that you can make your favorite fresh fruit smoothie with ease and in less time.

The other reason the ninja professional blender is a good choice is because of its many different functions, such as meal preparation, frozen mixing, food processing, and vitamin extraction. It can hold up to 8 cups easily, so it is perfect for serving at parties and other special events.

This model is easy to assemble and dishwasher safe.

Find this blender here.

Cleanblend: 3HP 1800-Watt Commercial Blender

If you want to make sure that frozen fruit is well mixed and blended, this blender is a high-quality choice due to its 3 HP motor power. With this power, you can be sure to get the result you expect.

It’s perfect for many servings thanks to its large 64-ounce container, perfect for parties, events, etc. If you own this blender, you can operate it smoothly and easily because of its simple design, features, and self-explanatory dials.

To clean this blender, wash it with warm water and soap and keep it clean until your next blending session.

Find this blender here.

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Vitamix Professional Series 750 Black with 64-Oz. Container

If you are more concerned with features and design, this is the best smoothie blender. It has a clip on the lid to enhance safety when blending. Without the clip, the cover will not be firmly in place during blending which could lead to leaks.

The manufacturer designed the lid to be strong so that it could withstand the pressure. This is important to avoid cracks and injuries.

As for the motor power of this blender, it has an impressive 2.2 HP, which means it can crush large pieces of fruit with ease. It’s perfect for making sure you get the results you need.

This mixer is also designed for easy cleaning. While the lids of the blender aren’t dishwasher safe, they don’t have nooks and crannies that only make it difficult to remove food. So, just by soaking them in lukewarm water and soap, they are already clean and ready for the next session.

Find this blender here.

Blendtec Designer Series Wildside Blender Jar

When it comes to durability and high performance, you can never go wrong with choosing Blendtec’s total classic original blender as your personal blender. It is considered to be one of the most advanced features which is why it is popular in the market today.

With strong motor power, it can efficiently transfer the necessary power to the blade at any time. In addition, it is also equipped with carbon steel ball bearings which help to improve the blender’s performance and reduce vibration. This also increases motor life, has less friction, and lower noise.

Perhaps the best thing about this model is its thermal protection system. This means it has the ability to keep its temperature cool to prevent overheating. So when you also think about safety and security, this is one of the best blenders to consider.

Whenever the engine starts to heat up more than the given threshold, it will automatically stop to prevent accidents.

With variable speed controls, you have the freedom to choose the one that works best for any given situation. For example, you can choose a higher speed for a specific type of fruit or recipe, etc. All you need to do is adjust the speed settings of the dial until you get the speed you want.

Find this blender here.

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z Blender Combo 1200 Watt, 1200W, Dark Gray

This great blender is also one of the best commercial blenders on the market today. It promises top and fast performance to help people meet their needs.

This model consists of 1200 watts of power which is enough for crushing large chunks of frozen fruits efficiently. It also has high-grade stainless steel sharp blades that facilitate better results.

One of the reasons this blender is popular is because it gives people comfort and confidence. With a 1 year limited warranty, you can be sure that the materials used are safe and BPA-free.

Moreover, you can also use this blender if you want many servings at once due to its large capacity container. When you blend frozen fruit smoothies at a party for a number of people, you’ll surely have an easier time.

Find this blender here.

Instant Pot Ace Nova Cooking Blender, Hot and Cold, 9 One Touch Programs, 54 oz, 1000W

If you are looking for a powerful blender that will provide a smooth consistency for your frozen fruit smoothie, then this is a perfect choice! This means that every time you blend your smoothie it will result in the same kind of smoothness as the previous ones, without the feeling of having a grainy result.

The motor power for this type of blender may not be as strong as others, but it can still be used to effectively crush frozen fruit and ice. For best performance, use this blender only for already chopped fruit.

You will also notice in this model a number of buttons for operations, which means that it has several functions besides blending. With an LCD screen, you can choose the right setting for the best results based on what you’re blending.

Find this blender here.

Jamba Appliances 2.4 hp Blender with 64 oz Jar, Grey (58910)

One of the best features of this blender is noise reduction. Being able to operate at a low noise level makes it perfect for use in a restaurant or cafe.

It also has a versatile and high-performance motor for rugged performance and features different speeds for best results. Especially for large pieces of fruit, you need to set the speed to high speeds to effectively achieve the right consistency.

Regarding the design, this blender has stainless steel blades and a metal drive for easy grinding and cutting through frozen fruit, ice cream, coffee beans, and other toughest ingredients. It is also made of durable materials that prevent sudden leaks and breakages.

Find this blender here.


These are some of the best blenders for frozen fruit smoothies on the market today. With the above information and other important factors that can positively influence your purchasing decision, I hope you can find the perfect blender for your delicious smoothies with the best value for your money.

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