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Best At-Home Glute Exercises (dumbbell needed)

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Are you ready to build that peach?! That boo-tay! I already know the answer… you definitely want to grow your glutes! You want to know what at-home glute exercises you can do to build a nice round butt. 

Can’t make it to the gym? Or, just want to do things home workout style?

Well, fret no longer friend! Today we’re going to cover some of the top glute exercises you can do straight from home.

Equipment You Should Have:

  • A glute band (some come with varying resistance)
  • Some dumbbells (2-3 different weights might be good to start)
  • A yoga mat (my fav brand, not necessary but completely worth it)

woman doing squats with a baby on her shoulders

Why Train Glutes This Way?

If you’ve never heard of Bret Contreras allow me to introduce you to the Glute Guy…

Below is an Instagram post from his IG account. He posts so much value on his account and teaches women and men how to grow their glutes.

You might want to for an aesthetic reason or purely from a building muscle standpoint.

Most women want to grow a bigger booty and THIS man is the one to help you.


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A post shared by Bret “Glute Guy” Contreras PhD (@bretcontreras1) on

Not only will growing your glutes obviously give you a bigger butt, but it’s also been proven that a strong backside will help with back problems (Bret has documented this on his IG).

Many folks with lower back issues could use some stronger glutes to help strengthen their overall back to support their spine.

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The BEST At-Home Glute Exercises

While there are so many glute exercises you can try or incorporate into your weekly workouts, the ones listed below will help you to build a solid glute gain over months of training.

These at-home glute exercises are a great way to keep up your glute gains while minimizing your time in the gym.

All you need is a few different weights of a dumbbell or other weighted device and maybe a glute band.

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1 The Hip Thrust Is A Must

This exercise you will need something to lean your shoulders on, but a couch would even suffice. Just make sure that it’s stable and it won’t move on you.

So, a chair won’t be your best bet unless someone is standing behind it pushing from the other side.

I would say this is quite possibly my favorite at-home glute exercise because it requires little equipment, but it’s also easily scalable to using a barbell at home as well.

2 The Frog Pump

I will say, this is one of the most awkward looking exercises I’ve ever seen, but it is super effective.

If you’re looking for something you can add to finish off your workout and burn out your glutes… do this exercise.

You can do three rounds of 25-50 and man your glutes will be singing. It is no joke.

3 The Bulgarian Split Squat

Quite possibly one of the best, worst, most difficult, most awesome exercises out there.

Also, here’s a tip: Lean slightly forward some to alleviate any tightness in your non-working quad.

You can do this with our without weights. I’d opt for no weights at first as you get started.

4 The Single-Leg Hip Thrust

Here we have a variation of the hip thrust from #1 and it’s equally as good.

This just allows you to take things a step further and gives you a way to focus on one side then the other.

Make sure you’re squeezing at the top of the thrust and if you want to intensify things you can hold for one to three seconds.

5 The B-Stance Romanian Deadlift

Last but not least, the B-Stance Dumbbell deadlift is a great at-home glute exercise!

You can easily target your glutes while also getting a good hamstring workout in as well.

Be careful not to use a weight that’s too heavy as you could damage your back. Make sure it’s an easy weight but not so easy that it feels like you’re lifting air.

Try These With A Friend

Share this post with a friend and have them come over and give it a shot. You can build either an entire workout around booty building or add these to a full-body workout.

Who needs the gym when you can have an awesome at-home glute workout or at-home full-body workout?

Just to be transparent, we have 4 sets of dumbbells, two kettlebells, jump ropes, a wall ball, and a few bands. My husband and I enjoy our at-home workouts.

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