Best HIIT Workouts for Women

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Let’s talk about HIIT! High-Intensity Interval Training (aka HIIT) is a killer workout that will help you blast fat from your body.

It’s a technique where you’ll give your all for a specific short period and then rest for a shorter time. So, today I bring you 5 HIIT workouts for women to help you blast some fat!

Typically, HIIT routines are performed in a 20:10 ratio. When you perform a HIIT workout, you use up your oxygen stores which causes your body to increase its need to replenish oxygen after the workout.

This is what they call the afterburn, and it’s where you’re burning even more calories without needing to do anything else.

And, if you’re like me, you’ll want to try these HIIT workouts for women.

What is HIIT, and Why Are HIIT Workouts for Women So Great?

If you’re a busy woman or busy mom, then HIIT will be something you can turn to when you’re running low on time, and you still want to get a workout in for the day.

Not to mention that HIIT workouts for women help us to get rid of fat that won’t seem to go away. (That’s why I love the below best HIIT workouts for weight loss! They’re killer.)

Don’t let a plateau get you down anymore!

HIIT workouts will help you shred your belly fat and flatten your stomach. They’re extremely powerful, and once you try one, you’ll hate/love it.

By doing one of these HIIT workouts, you’re helping your body to burn over 400 calories at a time! I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty exciting to me.

Any time I can burn more calories than a typical workout makes me happy.

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What Makes HIIT Workouts So Effective?

HIIT workouts put your body into an oxygen-deprived state. After the workout, you go into excess oxygen consumption, and your body’s resting metabolic rate is higher.

This means that for 24 hours, your body will burn calories even if you’re not doing anything.

You will do a certain amount of moves for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. The intensity and speed at which you perform each exercise will ultimately be what determine how many calories you burn in the afterburn.

Check out more workouts right here:

Equipment You Might Need:

Depending on the HIIT workout, you may or may not need equipment. You can pretty much turn any equipment workout into a no-equipment workout.

I love incorporating resistance bands, leg bands, medicine balls, abmats, and some dumbells in my workouts. Any little thing that can help you sweat more, burn more, and go harder is a good thing.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/02/2022 10:37 pm GMT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/02/2022 11:32 pm GMT
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/02/2022 10:32 pm GMT

Just be cautious if you’re using any weights that you’re controlling your movements and focusing on form.

Because 99% of workout injuries can be prevented if you’re focused on form and going hard at the level you’re at.

Find the gear you love, and you’ll never hate another HIIT workout again. I promise.

Now, let’s get started!

5 Best HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss

These workouts are some of my favs and are particularly great for increasing fat burning in your body. If you have some stubborn areas that hold fat, then HIIT workouts are phenomenal at blasting fat and a great addition to your fitness routine.

Since they’re super high intensity, the amount of time you need to spend working out is decreased.

Most HIIT workouts last about 10 minutes and are great for those days when you can’t fit a regular 60-minute or more workout into your day.


Get ready for this serious fat-blasting workout!

It’s only 15 minutes long, but that 15 minutes will leave you sweating and totally spent. But in such an awesome way.

This video is the FULL workout, so you don’t have to worry about writing it down. Just follow along with Sarah and get your sweat on!

Oh, also, this workout can be performed completely in the comfort of your own home. That doesn’t mean you can half-ass this, though! Go as hard as you can.

Check out this workout right here.

2. HIIT and AB Workout | At Home or In The Gym

Whitney Simmons is probably one of my favorite YouTubers out there right now. She is lively and entertaining. And she has the best HIIT workouts for weight loss!

Her workouts generally leave me a huge sweaty mess. I love it.

In the video, she speeds through the workout, but don’t worry. Just use it as a reference for how it’s supposed to look, and then in the comments, find the written workout.

For your reference (be sure to watch the video to see how she does the moves):

HIIT | 5 movements

10 squat to oblique twist each side rest 15 seconds
30 mountain climbers rest 15 seconds 10 burpees rest 15 seconds
30 side-to-side stepovers rest 15 seconds 15
reverse lunge to squat

ABS | 5 movements

10 single-leg hand and toe touch each side rest 15 seconds 1
5 toe touches rest 15 seconds 10 straddle v-up rest 15 seconds
30 in-n-out plank jumps rest 15 seconds
15 lower leg lifts with knee bend

Again, here’s the link to check out Whitney’s HIIT workout!

3. Monster Monday At-Home HIIT Workout: FYR: Hannah Eden’s 30-Day Fitness Plan by RSP

Holy CRAP! Talk about pushing yourself to the max!

Hannah is amazing at helping to keep your intensity up. She says that you’re in control of your intensity, but she’s encouraging. I mean, you can’t help but be encouraged when she’s going so hardcore.

But, two other people in the video show you the beginner and intermediate moves for this workout. So, have no fear!

This channel also has some of the best HIIT workouts for weight loss as well.

This is one of the longer HIITs I’ve done, but it’s so amazing! You won’t regret giving it a shot.

Check it out right here and follow along with Hannah.


This workout doesn’t look that bad when you just watch it all the way through, but when you’re butt is actually getting after it, you’re like… woah! She helps to encourage you along the way and even pushes you a little.

Again, it’s 15 minutes and super quick, but it’s a super intense workout that’s great for fat-blasting those stubborn areas.

She does the entire workout with you and even has a timer on the screen. So, get ready and have fun!

Check out this workout with Maddie right here.

5 Full Body 15 Minute Workout | Do It Anywhere!

Ok, I’ve already said I love Whitney’s workouts, and I wasn’t kidding. She is a huge inspiration of mine.

I just love her HIIT workout routines she posts on YouTube, and I try to incorporate at least one every week (if not more).

Here is the layout of the workout (be sure to check out the video so you can see how she performs the moves):

*note: she recommends you use these resistance bands right here. But, you can use whatever resistance bands you have on hand and just find something you can put the band around to do the exercise.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
12/02/2022 11:32 pm GMT

5 minutes of HIIT | 30 seconds of each exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest:

jumping side-to-side lunges
in-n-out jumps
reverse lunge left and right to jumping sumo squat
toe touch in-n-out jumps
curtsy lunges

5-minute resistance band circuit:

30 seconds front, side to reverse lunge
30 seconds front, side to reverse lunge (the other leg)
30 seconds reverse fly to bicep curl
30 seconds lat pulldown to face pull
30 seconds hip thrusts 30 seconds hamstring curls with 5 pulses
1-minute shoulder press to 4 side steps
30 seconds forearm plank (move to hands for beginner moderation)
30 seconds plank hip dips

Repeat the circuit 2 times!

Check out Whitney’s HIIT workout right here and enjoy yourself!

Are You Ready for The BEST HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss?

Be sure to add these to your rotation of workouts!

I love HIIT routines because they’re fast and really effective at helping women to lose belly fat in those stubborn areas. It kicks your metabolism into overdrive, helping you to burn extra calories too.

You can’t really beat a HIIT workout 2-3 times per week.

Try incorporating them on your rest days as cardio, or you can do them before/after your workout. I tend to do them before I workout to continue burning calories while I’m working out too.

Have fun and happy fat-blasting!

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