25 Affirmations For Strength

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They say that what you constantly feed your mind has an impact on your subconscious mind.

And, I think it’s true.

This is why it is a good idea that on a daily basis, you take a little time to reassure yourself and to know where you are getting your own strength. It’s a great idea to let go of negative energy and just focus on the good things that life has to offer. Being strong doesn’t just mean that we have perfected our physical strength.

The force we are talking about here is the force that moves us forward – the inner strength.

They say strong people are those with strong muscles, but I think part of becoming a better person is having a strong mind and knowing how to manage your mental health.

woman journaling affirmations for strength

Affirmations For Strength

The following are some topics you can use to pull affirmations for strength from. There is a list of 25 affirmations to get you started at the end of the article.

Positive Thinking

I think the right place to start is to start thinking positively. Starting your day with positive words has a great effect.

Even though words are just little things, it is a great start to welcome the upcoming positive changes in your life. When you choose to focus on the positive energy, you are giving yourself a new opportunity to choose your own path.

Positive affirmations are powerful affirmations. Whatever words come out from your mouth are the words that have been constantly filling up your mind. So, it all boils down to what you feed your mind on.

Sure, there are difficult times or you could be facing emotional challenges, but this is no reason for you to sacrifice your mental strength. One way to strengthen your mental health is to know what you are standing for.

If you know what you stand for, then you won’t easily bend for anything. When you are facing tough times, the right thing to do first is to look on to the bright side.

Keeping your eyes focused on the positive side gives you the chance to forget about the what-ifs and focus on the things you’re hoping for.

Another great thing you could do is to believe in the law of attraction. In simple words, the law of attraction states that whatever you keep on saying, will soon come true.

In a sense, this works because the words you constantly speak have powers. Just like how you keep repeating the word “sit” to a dog, and in time, he learns what the word means.

In the same way, repeating a positive thought or idea in your mind will unconsciously take you closer to these great things. Believing this law could be the best way to start your day, too.

Your inner intelligence actually helps you be led in the right direction.

woman journaling affirmations for strength

Healthy Relationships

Having healthy relationships around you could be a source to draw strength from. We meet different people every single day and it could really drag you down when you have unhealthy relationships with the people you constantly meet.

We can build relationships simply when we express gratitude to the people around us. Being there for someone in a given opportunity helps, too.

Having some inner peace is the start of having the strength to build relationships with other people. It takes great courage to deal with yourself, and getting close friends into your inner world is a rewarding moment.

When you have learned to love your inner world, it helps you have a greater outlook for the outer world.

When you’re having a bad day and feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, being able to turn to a friend helps make the hard things a bit easier to deal with.

Every single moment spent with someone helps build the relationship as much as you can lock arms with one another.
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Healthy Food and Healthy Lifestyle

As much as we want to focus on positive thoughts and healthy relationships, we can’t be completely strong when we are unhealthy. This is why choosing healthy food is important.

As simple as it is, keeping on eating unhealthy food is an unhealthy habit you should ditch. Keeping your body fit is one way for you to keep your thoughts healthy. You might think that this area of your life doesn’t have anything to do with how you feel about your strength, but it actually helps.

Having a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right kind of food always go together. Sometimes, the idea of hitting the gym or working out at home can be too much.

But, it is actually a great way to boost your confidence. Working out or even doing heavy physical tasks at home has been known to release endorphins which are great to help you feel better and concentrate on the things you will be doing for the rest of the day.

It also helps you stay away from health risks by preventing diseases caused by a sedentary lifestyle.

Getting up every day and giving about at least thirty minutes or an hour for exercise isn’t too heavy. The more you do it, the more your body gets used to it, the easier it is for you to work out. You’re not only giving yourself a chance to forget about your problems, but you’re also giving yourself a chance to be more healthy!

Word of God

Some people also draw strength from the word of God. They believe that when they soak in the presence of God, He will give them the strength that they need. The Lord knows the heart’s desires.

God’s strength gives us the strength and boldness we need to face every single day. Faith builds boldness, and believing in the item of your faith can really give you confidence and strength.

Learning to love others starts from the love you have for yourself. Take a little time from your schedule today and thank yourself for the things you do to keep yourself going.

If you believe in God, then, thank Him for the things He has done for you. Being grateful is also one way to encourage strength because strength doesn’t necessarily mean being strong inside.

It is also about knowing how to be humble and putting others more important than you. When you have learned to love yourself, then you can love others, too, and to me, that is what real strength is all about.

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List of Affirmations for Strength

  1. I will break out of unhealthy habits and cycles to build stronger and healthier habits.
  2. I can take care of myself and can depend on myself.
  3. I am good enough. I am powerful. I am worthy.
  4. I will work on myself every day to become a stronger person.
  5. I am strong enough. I am determined enough.
  6. I embrace each day and welcome challenges.
  7. Today I will work to be kind, courteous, and fair even in the face of adversity.
  8. I celebrate others’ success without feeling anger, jealousy, or envy.
  9. No matter how many times I fail, I will get back up and try again.
  10. Failure isn’t the end. It is the beginning to try new things.
  11. I will always move towards my goal even if I experience a setback.
  12. I can find positives in any given situation.
  13. I transform negative energy into positive energy.
  14. I am whole. I let go of anything that doesn’t make me feel good.
  15. I am a leader. I create my own path.
  16. I am happy. I am healthy. I am blessed. I am grateful to be alive.
  17. All things are working to help me become a better person.
  18. I chose to focus on things that matter and will not focus on things that don’t serve me.
  19. I choose positive energy. I am happy. I am joy. I am love.
  20. I don’t have to be perfect. I just have to keep trying no matter what.
  21. I am in control of my feelings and I can control how I react to a situation.
  22. No one but me is in control of my future. I get to decide how things will unfold.
  23. Only I can control how I react to situations. I choose to react out of love and not anger.
  24. I completely believe in myself and my path.
  25. I will succeed because I choose that destiny for myself.

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